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Preserving the Past by adding a bit of Future

May 24, 2017

I have been working in Architecture and Design since 2000 and one of the things that I really think is definitely different from where I was working and building, is how Britain preserves their heritage and try to keep a vision of the future by integrating it on their daily homes. I am not speaking about Smart Homes with all the gadgets, I am talking about blueprints modifications. Picking up the heritage and sometimes Grade listed buildings/Houses and reformulate the…

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Finance Parenting Tech

Hire a Family Portrait Photographer with Bidvine

May 23, 2017

Have you ever had the sense that when you want something on the internet, a service of any kind, you get a lot of spams and scammy situations or dodgy brands/people? Well that’s internet but when you really need something what do you do? Everything made online or through an App is always so easy and takes so little time, just a click of a button and that’s it. But are they safe and good? And will they deliver what…

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My Youtube Tech

Affordable Tech Review: Fitness Activity Tracker under £20

May 21, 2017

Hi Everyone, New Affordable tech review this time testing a Bluetooth bracelet Fitness Activity Tracker under £20. Many of you (and me) can’t afford to buy an iWatch or any other smartwatch, but a Fitness Activity Tracker can be helpful. I found this Fitness Activity Tracker on Amazon (my big source of buyings… I should have some cotas from there really) and thought this could be fun to watch and review. Here are some specs about it: Multi-function Sport Wristband: Accurately tracking your…

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Books and Movies

Funny Fairy Tales by Reut Barak

May 19, 2017

Funny Fairy Tales by Reut Barak is such a funny collection of books. I didn’t knew Reut but I have to say that, secretly, I always told these classic stories with a naughty or crazy twist just for fun and a good laugh, until I’ve read them. The level or sarcasm and wit remind me seriously. These are NOT a kids books, soooo  leave the kids out of these (or change some words). The stories are short and written in a…

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My Youtube Tech

K1 Kingbox Android TV BOX

May 18, 2017

Hi Everyone, Testing and showing the K1 Kingbox Android TV Box. Basically the box brings Apps already installed and the layout is similar to one of the videos i posted before. Easy to use and navigate, this box set bring a useful mini keyboard which allows you to write and use your finger as a portable mouse. Features: [Remote+Mini Keyboard] K1 comes with a remote and a mini keyboard which is 92-keys wireless remote control, it will be convenient for…

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