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Shaquille O’Neal Is Perfectly Matched With Papa John’s Pizza

July 11, 2019

Shaq O’Neal is going to be the new spokesperson for Papa John’s Pizza. For many fans of the pizza and basketball star, this is a match made in heaven. Mr. O’Neal will be an active participant in the pizzeria business because he will be sitting on the board of directors. Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, and no doubt, he will be spending time in the boardroom with Shaq. It would be interesting to hear the conversations that…

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-*- Working site-*-

July 17, 2018

Hi all,   Because of a fault of the hosting company, I lost a month (between June the 17th to July the 16th) of work. If you are a Brand or PR, please check your emails. I am truly sorry on this, as I am truly sorry on relying on the hosting company. (changing the hosting company as we speak). Lesson learned on trusting.   Please bear with me in the following days, I will redo the articles, the best…

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I’ve Won!! UK Blog Awards!

August 31, 2017

Thank you everyone that voted for me. Your vote meant everything and for you that reads my blog and follows on my social media, a real big and Warm THANK YOU!! Activity People recently had their awards and asked everyone in the UK to vote for their favourite bloggers in the UK. I won the Top 10 Lifestyle Blog (in #7) and the Top 50 Family Blog   I am really happy about this, it means you out there remembered…

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Blogging World: Positiveness VS Competing

July 25, 2017

The Blogging World can be tricky…or not. For me it’s not for sure. “Aren’t you afraid of Competition?” This is not the first of the tenth time someone, either blogger or friend, asked me this; and every time my answer is: “NO”. I don’t believe in competition unless we are playing Trivial Pursuit or any board game or even a game of darts. As a healthy competition I must say. This is not High School. And even then, I didn’t have…

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Ayurveda-inspired food for little ones

May 26, 2017

All mums want to give their little ones the best start in life, right from the moment they know they are pregnant.  Having eaten well before baby arrives, and then while breast-feeding, when it’s time to start weaning, naturally only good food will do. I can’t remember how many books or videos I have read and seen when Richard started to ween, and even now, my picky eater (what a phase seriously…) I still do. Ayurveda is an indian ancient…

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Contact Me

May 2, 2017

Love your brand and would like to work with me? Are you a reader and would like to stay in touch?   I love to read all your emails and reply you back.…

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21 Instagram Hashtags for Writers

March 31, 2017

  Instagram: Love it or hate it, there’s no denying its popularity. The image-based social network, which is owned by Facebook, has 400 million active users. It’s no longer just used by teenagers and trendsetters. And, despite the fact that it doesn’t allow users to include clickable links inside their captions, using Instagram can be an excellent way to connect with both readers and with the wider publishing industry. Authors can share photos of their books, re-post shots from their…

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