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9 Aspects to look into before planning a road trip

August 16, 2018 Either you’re a beginner or a Pro on road trips, either you go with the flow and not planning anything, or being a maniac like me and plan every step ahead (because I can’t deal with uncertainty… OCD me remember?), everyone needs some things checked and done before going on a road trip. Unless you’re Thelma and Louise… in that case you just need Brad.   Check your Car     The car is the most important part of your road trip.… Continue Reading

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Used Cars: Are they worth it?

July 19, 2018 Actually they are! Since I had my driving license, I had brand new cars. Fresh and with that new scent, all lovely till I get them out of the car stand and their value would reduce to a third of what I had bought them, like 5 minutes ago. Don’t think that having a brand new car means that you have warranty or that everything will be smooth and no problems! By all means…Erm… no! I had a very bad…

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Reasons To Choose a local Tyre Care Center

June 7, 2018

follow url It’s not the first time I refer about safety on the roads and how well, or at least a basic knowledge, you should know your car and be safe. To be honest, all of the “Car” is needed, but without tyres, you don’t go anywhere. Meaning that your tyres are the most important aspect in your car!   Fact: Tyres can influence the health of your car and cause problems on the road if not taken care of professionally.  … Continue Reading

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5 Basic Things to make your Car Safe!

May 28, 2018

anyoption demo Did you know that almost 1.3 Million British people don’t know how to open the bonnet of their car? Insane! The 1st time I picked up the steering wheel of a car, was when I was 2 years old. Literally on my father’s lap, in the parking lot of our condo, he would teach me about it. By 13 years old, I would pick his Volkswagen Passat and drive it around the empty street (hey it was the end of…

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Head Over Wheels: Signs You’re A Little Too Obsessed About Cars

May 8, 2018 Car lovers unite! If any of the following signs are true to you, then you may be a little more obsessed about motors than the average car owner. You needn’t be ashamed, although if you have ever considered marrying your car, a little bit of counselling may be in order. Signs You’re A True Car Obsessive While your wardrobe is sparse, your car is dressed to the nines with the latest decals and high-tech accessories. Comparing your Tesco and Halfords… Continue Reading