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Quarterre Design Review Geneva Motorshow

April 18, 2018

enter Of the European Motor shows, Geneva is often the most interesting. Neutral territory for all the big players, it has neither the bombast of Frankfurt nor the dependence of Paris on two lone national players. It is also, perhaps fittingly given the wealth of its host city, the playground of the exotics.  Geneva can be relied on for a new hypercar with top-trump-winning power output and top speed, regardless of whether there exists anywhere in the world a public road… Continue Reading

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Testing Portable Tyre Inflators

February 2, 2018

one touch option Now here is a new thing to test and try… and Learn! We wanted for our cars one of these inflators, but why not test them out and try 2 of them? Both of them are and do exactly the same thing, from car tyres, to bikes, to inflates, kiddy pools, etc. No more going to the gas station and inflate your tyre.   Check more for the Black and Gold Superpow Portable Tyre Inflator Check more for the Camo Superpow…

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Preparing your Car for Winter

October 23, 2017

go here Yes Winter is coming (not GoT related since we need to wait more than a year for the next season…) but your car cannot wait for much time. Cold weather is upon us and we need to take care of somethings in our household before than in the middle of the winter. From our chimneys to be clean to get some extra blankets and warm clothing, cleaning gutters and making sure you have everything prepare (the UK is actually getting…

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Exotic Adventure… You can come along.

May 10, 2017

hombre solo stanley You know The Taj Mahal right? the Exotic Marigold Hotel? Love cars? Love an adventure? This is absolutely (brilliant) – Keep on reading and join us on this adventure! Pssst: Coupon with a huge discount in the end of this post. If you are looking for the ultimate classic car rally, a fabulous fun journey, a spectacular route, an exciting schedule and wonderful company then you need look no further. This is a one off unique event, there is nothing…

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Car Battery Life Hacks

February 21, 2017

do you need a prescription for Orlistat 120 mg in mexico Hi Everyone, If you followed me on Snapchat and Instagram (@AleLifeOfficial), you saw my morning went I went to drive my son to nursery and my car battery was flat… Then I remembered I had this great Life Saver on the back of the car! This can be a Life hack for mostly anything, but for the car is a great thing to have. No more asking the neighbours or calling the AAA or RAC… Do it easy yourself. Let… Continue Reading