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Testing Portable Tyre Inflators

February 2, 2018

Now here is a new thing to test and try… and Learn! We wanted for our cars one of these inflators, but why not test them out and try 2 of them? Both of them are and do exactly the same thing, from car tyres, to bikes, to inflates, kiddy pools, etc. No more going to the gas station and inflate your tyre.   Check more for the Black and Gold Superpow Portable Tyre Inflator Check more for the Camo Superpow…

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Exotic Adventure… You can come along.

May 10, 2017

You know The Taj Mahal right? the Exotic Marigold Hotel? Love cars? Love an adventure? This is absolutely (brilliant) – Keep on reading and join us on this adventure! Pssst: Coupon with a huge discount in the end of this post. If you are looking for the ultimate classic car rally, a fabulous fun journey, a spectacular route, an exciting schedule and wonderful company then you need look no further. This is a one off unique event, there is nothing…

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Car Battery Life Hacks

February 21, 2017

Hi Everyone, If you followed me on Snapchat and Instagram (@AleLifeOfficial), you saw my morning went I went to drive my son to nursery and my car battery was flat… Then I remembered I had this great Life Saver on the back of the car! This can be a Life hack for mostly anything, but for the car is a great thing to have. No more asking the neighbours or calling the AAA or RAC… Do it easy yourself. Let…

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1969 De Tomaso Mangusta

December 30, 2016

I am not very fond of Muscle cars… But I have some exceptions, making the Mangusta one of them. A beautiful and stunning combination of Italian styling and American muscle. In 1969, if you wanted a mid-engine sports car for the road, you had two choices, and both were Italian: the Lamborghini Miura or the De Tomaso Mangusta. While the Miura often is credited with the genesis of what we now call the “supercar”, the Mangusta was equally outrageous and…

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1995 Porsche 911 GT2 EVO

July 22, 2016

In 1995, Porsche responded to the reorganization of international GT racing with a series of homologation specials beginning with the naturally aspirated 911 RS and culminating in the GT2 Evo.   HIGHLIGHTS Rare factory GT2 Evo, one of 11 produced in 1995 Top specification ever produced for any air cooled Porsche Twin turbocharged 3.6L flat-6 engine Factory rated at 600 HP and 490 ft/lbs torque 6-speed manual transmission One owner car 7,000 original kilometers   The lightweight RS set the…

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Innovative luxury – the new BMW i Collection

July 14, 2016

BMW raises the bar in the lifestyle segment with high-fashion clothing and premium accessories made of sustainable resources and recycled materials. With the arrival of the new BMW i3 version with significantly increased battery capacity, the BMW Group demonstrates yet again how highest demands in quality and design on the one hand and sustainability on the other can complement each other to optimum effect. This understanding of premium, which is strongly defined by sustainability, is also a hallmark of the…

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Camping in Holgates Silverdale – Family Holidays

July 11, 2016

Now that I look at the photos… I so wish to go back! Excellent place to go with your family: Peace and Quiet, family bonding, Uk weather and lot’s of fun…   This was our experience in Holgates Camping in Silverdale.   In this post I will let you know: What is Holgates and Where you can find Silverdale, What you can expect from this camping site, What to take with you, The Car I took, Some fun stuff to do…

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New series – Car Reviews from Artsmum

June 29, 2016

Yes I do love cars, did you notice it?   Women love cars and now much about it as any men, won’t make us less feminine by that. I have been working with some brands here on the blog and because propositions are on the table, I am starting to review some cars here in the Blog, cars to the family, since most of you asked me about some tips and some questions regarding traveling with our little ones.  …

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SEAT, SAMSUNG and SAP join forces to develop the “connected car” of the future

June 8, 2016

SEAT, Samsung Electronics and SAP SE have created a technological alliance to develop future projects for the connected car. At the 11th edition of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the three companies will showcase cutting-edge concepts developed by pooling their innovation and industry-leading expertise. Last year SEAT and Samsung concluded an agreement on initial technology solutions that are currently featured in some SEAT models. This year the agreement is strengthened with the arrival of SAP, the world leader in…

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