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The Tech Your Business Needs To Provide Seamless Customer Service

September 7, 2018\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It doesn’t matter whether you run a hair salon, a restaurant or a clothing store, customer service should be at the forefront of everything you do. There’s a lot to be said for employing smiley staff, and dealing with issues that arise as swiftly as possible, but first class service is not always centred on human contact and interaction. Technology has an increasingly valuable role to play in providing clients with a positive experience. If you run a business, and…

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Finance Tips

Why It’s Never Too Early To Think About Retirement

July 24, 2018

investire in prodotti derivati You may think that you have plenty of time before you have to think about your twilight years. You might not even have kids, have found a partner or have even bought your own house yet. However, when it comes to preparing for your future, it’s never too early to consider finances, living arrangements and life goals. Life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs when we least expect them, and it pays to be as prepared as possible. When…

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Where should you move as a freelancer

June 2, 2018

mexico mujeres solteras I remember the days when I was a freelancer. No family, no location obligations, and a work that doesn’t tie me to an office. Even though those days are far behind me, I still miss them from time to time. Still, for those of you who are about to get into such a lifestyle for the first time, we do have some advice. First of all, the best part about working as a freelancer is that the choice of your…

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Finance Tips

Getting Cash priorities sorted – Finance talk!

February 20, 2018

follow site Note: the following post speaks about money and Loan companies – Be responsible with your money at all times.   You work a lot in your life (I speak for me and the majority of people I know) and you reach some peaks in your life that you need an extra for things. You know that you have to give a “jump” and mature and get to the next step in your life and for that, money is needed. Maybe…

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Finance Tips

Essential Checklist for House Relocation

November 28, 2017

conocer chicos polacos Being a clean and organized person does not save you from the troubles of packing during house relocation. Even if you are equipped with perfect organizing skills, the stress of moving will still take a toll on you. It’s different, and you will have a lot on your plate. There is however a way to avoid being stressed out. You can hire professional movers and allow them to do the packing and transporting for you. Even with the presence of…

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Finance Tips I am Techy Parenting: Experiences, happiness and being a Mum

Hire a Family Portrait Photographer with Bidvine

May 23, 2017 Have you ever had the sense that when you want something on the internet, a service of any kind, you get a lot of spams and scammy situations or dodgy brands/people? Well that’s internet but when you really need something what do you do? Everything made online or through an App is always so easy and takes so little time, just a click of a button and that’s it. But are they safe and good? And will they deliver what… Continue Reading

Finance Tips

Opinion Outpost: let yourself be heard while being paid!

September 13, 2016

Everyone, absolutely everyone (at least that I know) is struggling with money. With or without children, everyone stretches the money till the end of the month. But one thing that I noticed is the amount of time people spent online, either checking news or jobs, or simply having fun in social media. Relate yourself to it? It’s inevitable. Smartphones, tablets, absolutely anything with internet on it, is available to anyone, all kinds of models for any kind of pocket. But…

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