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LaundrApp – perfect Laundry (UK App)

August 17, 2016

follow So, I think that everyone, ever, sent their laundry to a Laundry house, to clean or iron it, right? Specially if you have the tendency to wear smart, and shirts need to be impeccably ironed on your suit. I know how to iron shirts, but hate it to death,  specially some brands that creates a shirt just to make sure you will murder it because of the crinkles… Yes I am using Irony (get it!). I normally take the shirts… Continue Reading

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App time: Cooking Fever Game

June 17, 2016

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Salt Lake City Utah With everyone having a smartphone or tablet, even on PC, everyone plays a little game once in awhile. I am a gamer since I can remember. I had my 1st Atari when I was 6 years old and it didn’t meant I wasn’t playing outside. Cooking Fever is a game now very known! Like cooking and food? Let me show you what I think about it! If you search the app store searching for a game, you must certainly have played…

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View-Master Virtual Reality: Kids and Adults

June 12, 2016 Mattel has done it again with this wonderful View -Master Virtual Reality. Take a look! Later this Month of June I will let you know more about it!! (wait for it!) Enter the world of virtual reality with the View-Master Virtual Reality! This kid-friendly device will surround you with stunning 360-degree environments so you feel as if you are really there! There are lots of Reels for you to use (I am so updating my basket) Download one of the…

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