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3 Tips to Make Your Workout More Effective

October 4, 2018

The most toned and muscular individuals often spend hours in the gym to achieve their physique. Bodybuilders work out as much as six hours per day, lifting weights and running laps. It’s a great way to get fit, but most people don’t have that kind of time to commit to a workout. Most people follow the CDC’s recommendation to exercise, 30 to 45 minutes per day, five times per week. When you only have this short window to hit the…

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Your Wellbeing As You Age: Things To Remember

September 17, 2018

As we get older, it’s important to ensure we’re happy and healthy physically, spiritually, and mentally. Ensuring we take care of all three aspects of ourselves contributes to our overall well being, which is essential for happiness. Wellbeing is a feeling of contentment and peace. It can also be happiness, but there isn’t a soul alive who is happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It’s even more important to pay special attention to our well being as…

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From The Mouth To The Brain: Healthy Living

September 10, 2018

The body is a complex machine. The secret of keeping healthy is to ensure that every part of the machine functions as it should. However, as with most engines, you need a fuel system to provide the necessary energy. In your standard car, it’s the combination of petrol and electricity – indeed, you need to have a battery in working condition to start the vehicle, regardless of how much fuel there is in the tank. When it comes to your…

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Myths About Piercings

September 10, 2018

Are you thinking about getting a piercing? Maybe you have wanted to get your lip pierced for quite some time? Or, maybe you are thinking about jumping on the nose ring hype train? Perhaps it is your daughter who wants a piercing and you are worried? No matter what applies, you are rightly doing your research online. The trouble is that there are a lot of myths about piercings. Fear not, though, as we are about the debunk some of…

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10 Simple Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Health

August 30, 2018

When it comes to your health, you know that you have to make it a priority. But sometimes, this is easier said than done. It can really easy to just go along with everyday life and to forget about looking after yourself. But, this is how you let your health slide. When you’re running through life, heading to work, doing your chores, and keeping up with your social life, you may find that you’re just getting more and more exhausted.…

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3 Essential Health Rules That Every. Single. Person. Should Live By

August 24, 2018

Our health is so valuable to us! It affects the way we feel, what we can do, how we interact with other people and even our levels of ability and motivation. To that end, it’s pretty essential that we look after our health as best we can. After all, no one is as invested in our own personal wellbeing as we are! Happily, this is something that we can help with by following the three rules below. Read on to…

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Taking care of a Dog

August 15, 2018

I love Dogs. I am a Dog person. Faithful little buddies, playful and intelligent. Sometimes with too much enthusiasm, Dogs are there by your side. They need you and you need them. Right now, and with my way of life and where I live at the moment, I don’t have a dog. But I used to have many of them, as my parents used to breed German Shepherds (my favourite) and Fox Terriers.     My last 2 dogs, father…

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When the Doctor says: You can’t have more kids.

August 8, 2018

Nowadays, when you’re on your 20’s it’s the new teenagers, the 30’s is the new 20’s, your 40’s the new 30’s, and so on. It actually is. People are leaving their parents home later than 20 years ago, because of the financial situation or wanting to have company because they chose to be single, or they have such a busy career that they prefer that way. It’s an option. Such as having children. Some people want children very soon, others, like…

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Are There Any Ways You Can Improve Your Lifestyle? Here’s How To Do It

August 7, 2018

When it comes to the way we live we can often be striving to improve things. It might be for many different reasons. It could be for your health, it might be to improve the wealth you have or simply just to feel better. So how do you do it and why do you do it? These questions can often give you the answers that serve as your motivation and inspiration for making things better for you.     Are…

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