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Joie Nitro Stroller Midnight Blue Pushchair Review

April 24, 2017

Hi Everyone, This is my little one new pushchair or stroller, whatever you want to call it, called Joie Nitro in Midnight blue. I bought it on Toys r Us for £59 and it was very difficult to get it, since is out of stock everywhere. The prices now range from £71 and up so this was a bargain. The lady in Toys R us said she sold one of these every day on the shop… and by the reviews…

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Books and Movies Parenting

Science Geek Sam by Cees Dekker and Corien Oranje

April 22, 2017

***Children’s Book*** Plot: Meet Sam Billington Favourite hobby: digging up old things (like fossils and dinosaur bones) Who I’d want to swap with for a day: Tim Peake (astronaut) If I could travel in time: I’d go back to AD 33 to Israel, to shadow Jesus and see what he gets up to Favourite planet: Saturn Because: apparently, Saturn would float in the sea! When a meteorite crashes into Sam’s school bike shed, his class have a LOT of questions…

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Parenting Toys and Games

Gumigem Bubba Bag Bath Toys

April 19, 2017

My little one got this cute bath bag from Gumigem, brand that I am, proudly, an Ambassador, since I do believe in Gumigem products, and can see and feel the good quality and how great their designs are and how my little one has been growing with it…and chewing it! This is what Gumigem says about this bag: Now you can have the same quality silicone in the form of a bath bag. Even the bag can go in the…

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My Youtube Parenting Toys and Games

Magic Tracks – Toys, Cars and Glow in the Dark

April 10, 2017

Hi everyone, Today testing a cool toy for my little one (and grown ups as well) called Magic Tracks by Recreation Ltd, and can be bought on Smyths Toy Store. It’s a snap and construct type of track, with the cool thing of glowing in the dark! Unfortunately none of my cameras could capture the glowing, but I promise that as soon as I can I will put it online on social media (@AleLifeOfficial). Magic Tracks fun guide give you…

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Books and Movies Parenting

Lonely Planet Kids: First Words

March 13, 2017

Introducing the new First Words book series from Lonely Planet Kids Say “bonjour”, “hola” and “hello” to First Words, the latest series of books from Lonely Planet Kids. Simple, striking and beautifully illustrated, these three new books – First Words: English, First Words: French and First Words: Spanish – are the perfect introduction to new languages for the whole family. The WHY of having them: As a polylingual home, the importance of all of us speak at least 2 languages…

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