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Where to Donate Used Toys – 8 Charities All Around the World

March 21, 2019

A donation is a great thing. Many religions around the world advocate donation as an honorable and kind endeavour. By doing it, you are not only making another person happy, but you are also teaching yourself a valuable lesson about personal property. We all know that being stingy is not good, but it is only when you give that you truly feel the benefits of it. And what better way to give than to give kids toys. Therefore, to make…

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Is Trust a basic rule for Relationships?

November 28, 2018

Yes, it is. There is no Relationship that is happy or that would last without trust. Maybe is a new Love and everything is Cloud 9, all smiles and those butterflies in the stomach, but as soon as the trust hits you… You analyze whether that person is trustworthy or not. I have lived in several places with different cultures and let me tell you some are really very different from what I have grown up with. Heck, the world has changed!…

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When a relationship ends: What happens now?

September 30, 2018

Either in a lovers relationship or a very old friendship, what happens after so many memories were made and how do we cope after it ends? Because sometimes in life, things end sooner than we think. How do we carry on and how do we feel? Here are some things I have learned in my life.   Set it Free     Life is all about setting us free. Some are harder than others, some are more easy but easy…

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Reconnecting With People You Love

September 6, 2018

Life moves so quickly with career, family and health being the main priority in everyday life. We live in a world so saturated with technology and ways that we can communicate that it seems quite daft that we would even need a reminder to stay in touch with our friends. We spend time on our smartphones and scrolling social media, but all of our methods of staying connected may not actually keep us connected; in fact, they can mean that…

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All Isn’t Fair In Love And Work

August 30, 2018

Businesses tend to get away with a lot when it comes to their employees. With people working for them who will find it hard to stick up for themselves, don’t know what their rights are, or simply don’t mind being taken advantage of – this is only made easier for them. Of course, when you’re doing a job for someone, it’s only fair that you are treated within the law, as long as you’re doing them the same courtesy. To…

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