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My Kitchen, My Rules Youtube

Testing the Haier Air Fryer

February 21, 2018

Today we are testing the Haier Air Fryer. Haier is a chinese tech brand really known for their good and affordable tech. This time is for our new kitchen appliance that can cook with no oil or the lesser oil of a teaspoon. We are actually very happy with it!   Recipes we have tested (till now): Grilling, Making Cake Popcorn Chips   What our video:   Get your Haier Air Fryer: Haier Air Fryer online Soon I will have a…

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Em Português Youtube

Testando a Haier Air Fryer

February 21, 2018

Novo video em Português.   A Haier é uma boa marca chinesa de tecnologia e desenvolveu esta Air Fryer, para cozinhados sem oleo ou so com uma pequena dose de oleo. A Haier Air Fryer é de um site que envia para Portugal ou Brasil, e ficou por um bom preço se formos a comparar com outras marcas. Até agora cá em casa estamos a gostar de trabalhar com ela em diversos pratos e lava fácil.   Receitas que testamos…

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Car Loving I am Techy Youtube

Testing Portable Tyre Inflators

February 2, 2018

Now here is a new thing to test and try… and Learn! We wanted for our cars one of these inflators, but why not test them out and try 2 of them? Both of them are and do exactly the same thing, from car tyres, to bikes, to inflates, kiddy pools, etc. No more going to the gas station and inflate your tyre.   Check more for the Black and Gold Superpow Portable Tyre Inflator Check more for the Camo Superpow…

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