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Degustabox review of April

April 25, 2016
It’s hereeeeee!!!
This month’s box is here!! Huge and full of goodies!!

Let’s see what is inside and see what we’ve liked here at home and what new things we learned!


So excited to get my new Degustabox from this month!

I’ve read so much about it and everyone praised Degustabox so much that I needed to try!

For those, like me, that don’t know let me tell you a little about it.

enter site What is Degustabox
As they call themselves: a monthly Surprise box. Each month you will receive a box full of food, between 10 to 15 products, many of them new in the market by less money that you would pay in the supermarket.
I think is a good way to try things that perhaps you wouldn’t normally buy but it can make a difference if you try… and common it’s a box full of goodies and surprises!

rencontre rock n roll How it works
You pay each month (you can cancel whenever you want), get your box at home and enjoy!

go here Alejandra do you have a Discount for us readers?
Yes my dears I do have a £6 off (almost 50% discount) just for you! 
Enter code: follow link BLDEG15 on check out!

buy generic Lyrica india Let’s see April’s Box

The full contents of April’s Degustabox

Nestle – Smarties block: Smarties in a big block…
Do I need to say anything??

Nestle – Milkyway Milk Chocolate 4 packs

Parle – Rusk: I didn’t know this Indian brand. 
Great rusks to dip on the coffee!

Parle – Parle G: RJ loved this cookies!

Levi Roots – Coat n Cook Marinade: Made this with Chicken 
(look below the recipe). Excellent!

Kervangida – Bebeto Fruit strings: We’ve only tried one pack
but wasn’t for our liking. It’s not something we are used to.
Sorry Kervagida.

Veetee Basmati rice / wholegrain rice and quinoa: Excellent quality
as Veetee does and practical to have at home.

Popchips: Sea salt, Garlic & Rosemary: I wanted to try
 for so long but never had the chance to buy it.

Merisant – Canderel sweetener: I knew Canderel, not a thing I 
do use much but it’s good.

Green Lady Sparkling Tea: Chill it and enjoy. Excellent flavour!

Diageo Pimms Cider: Summer taste!! Imagine fresh Pimms…now with cider and apple , cucumber and red fruits added… that’s what I am talking about!

Rejuvenation Water: Apple and Mint: water with amino acids?? read the photo about it… Excellent taste and so refreshing. really calming.

As I suspected, Degustabox is such a great surprise!
Almost everything is gone by now and I do wish next month arrives soon!

Here is my Recipe with what came on Degustabox:

Grilled Chicken Jerky with Levi Roots and Veetee White Rice

For the Grilled Chicken:
– 4 Chicken Breast
– 1 pack of Levi Roots Jerky Marinade

– on each chicken breast, give some cuts so the marinade will penetrate and can cook properly.
– in a bag, put the Levi Roots marinade, add the chicken, close the bag and mix really well. That way the whole chicken will have the flavour and you don’t have to wash or have the smell in your hands. Leave the marinade for 1 hour.
– You can grill in the BBQ but I don’t have it, so oven it is for me. Put in a grilling pan, with a bit of water beneath, and place the marinated chicken breasts like this:

– Let it cook for 20 minutes at 180 degrees celsius (or 350 Fahrenheit).

After the 20 minutes, add more 10 minutes on grill mode.

go to link Will look like this:

investimenti in azioni binarie As side: Veetee White Rice:
– Pierce the lid and put in the microwave for 2 minutes…easy peasy!


click What do you think?

austria ha annuncio chi è di alta da eToro è aumento del valore che ti aiuters source link San Juan cinema Grativo guadagno del servono solito Thank you to Degustabox

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