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    I love Subscription Boxes

    Degustabox May 2018 – World Cup

    June 14, 2018

    Are you excited for the World Cup? We are! Rooting to see the world together while running around with a ball on their feet, makes peace on the world look so achievable right? Why is it so difficult then? Leaving that rhetorical question for other posts, let me show you how Degustabox decided to think about us, football fans with this May box.   For those that doesn’t know about Degustabox: Degustabox is a mystery food Monthly subscription box, full…

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  • Healthy Tips

    Keeping up with your Teeth

    Now, here is a show I want to keep seeing for the rest of my life: My Teeth healthy! Taking care of your teeth might sound expensive, but if you don’t take care of…

    June 12, 2018
  • Healthy Tips

    Rebuilding When Your World Comes Tumbling Down

    It’s one of life’s most pressing questions and terrifying conundrums. How do you rebuild when your world comes tumbling down? As humans, we’re vulnerable, but there’s always a tendency to expect that bad things…

    June 8, 2018