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Fun way to Decor: Cushions and more Cushions!

February 23, 2017

You can have the most stylish living room or bedroom – but Cushions will always make an amazing touch to your decor.

You have a bunch of types of cushions and sizes, colours, textures, fabrics and fillings.









I love to have high contrast cushions. We normally tend to buy either dark furniture or white furniture, and if you put a type of cushion that don’t a space comfortable or have a hint of colour… it will stay blend and boring. BUT people are different. I prefer – and my house is my space – so a mix of colors please!

And of course, i like to change it from time to time, and depends on what “phase” I am in.

I prefer to have square cushions, so I can buy all the cushion covers with the same sizes and mix them all up, and go changing the decor from time to time.

Cushions can be used for many things:

  • to give an ambiance and type of mood to a room
  • to be practical and sit on them or use them to rest
  • to create a space in a room for multiple things
  • To have fun time


Right now, I am loving a mix of browns, oranges (for a colourful Pop) and a green/aquamarine colour.

The 3 of them from different textures and colors in the right place will make a bright and joyful decor in my place right now.


Adding a bling with a Mermaid cushion



Or letting little RJ use his pillow


Got my Cushions:

Orange and the RJ geometric: Ikea

Belvedere green: Sofa Sofa

Mermaid pillow in Gold and Black: Amazon


Next stop will be changing the oh so comfy big sofa (which i don’t like the color) for a new one, maybe on the Sofa sofa website

What do you prefer? bright bold prints or soft colours?

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