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Hand Cream Haul and Routine for Sensitive Skin prone to Eczema

March 8, 2016
Today I am bringing you my new favourites in Hand Cream that I use 
get link EVERY DAY!

I have sensitive skin prone to eczema and these creams have been making wonderful to my hand skin.

– Apply Anatomicals Avocado Hand cream in the morning before leaving my house
– Apply Bee Good during the day or taking it with me in the bag while traveling (perfect size for either the bag or travel)
– Apply Eucerin Intensive Hand cream every other day and put some gloves on and sleep with it OR if I have been touching water r need a boost, use it straight away.

I definitely recommend these 3 hand creams and if you have any suggestion for my skin issue please leave a comment with the product or let me know if you have the same issue as me on your hands and what is your routine.

The products are:
– Anatomicals Avocado Hand Cream

– Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream

– Bee good Honey and Crambe Hand cream

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhgXw9e595k]

http://web-impressions.net/fister/2427 Cheerio #handcreamroutine 

http://www.soundofthesirens.net/?delimeres=topoption&862=16 Thank you to Eucerin, Anatomicals and Bee Good UK
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