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LaundrApp – perfect Laundry (UK App)

August 17, 2016 So, I think that everyone, ever, sent their laundry to a Laundry house, to clean or iron it, right?

eiffel rencontre et racine Specially if you have the tendency to wear smart, and shirts need to be impeccably ironed on your suit. I know how to iron shirts, but hate it to death,  specially some brands that creates a shirt just to make sure you will murder it because of the crinkles… Yes I am using Irony (get it!). I normally take the shirts to the Laundry and Iron shop, but with the baby and only one car, is a difficult task.

viagra shop I tried to find a good service that collected from home, efficient and that it would fit my schedule and got one!

go to site go to site LaundrApp!

Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription LaundrApp is a convenient and easy way to get you clothes, washed or ironed. you pick what you want to clean and set the time for them to pick up on the address you want (home for example). The exist in more than 100 location in the UK.

enter You can create an account online and download the App to your IOS or Android device, to book when they go and collect from your home (or whichever address you want) and you pick what you want to do.

site de rencontre pour jeune adolescent LandrApp not only has Ironing services, but washing and fold, dry cleaning and even shoe repairs.

rencontre non payant belgique IMG_3810

You have some great deals, like 5 shirts, washed, ironed and hanged for £9. My normal shop price for 5 shirts was £8 but what about time and petrol? and parking? That’s right – why bother with all that when they can pick from your comfortable home and deliver it as well?

buy claritin uk My 1st time using it, I selected the 5 Shirts deal and, as preparing for the winter, dry cleaning our Overcoats.

buy betnovate 0.1 cream over the counter uk IMG_3822 IMG_3823

doxazosin where to buy The app will let you know the Time when the person arrives to collect and the follow up of your clothes.

This was for the pick up:

IMG_3808 IMG_3809


Then the follow up of the job:

IMG_3825 IMG_3894

And then the Delivery:

IMG_3892 IMG_3897

IMG_3896 IMG_3899 IMG_3900IMG_3902

The person that came over, was a very professional and friendly person, and a smile is what we need, right?

I was very satisfied by LaundrApp and how quick and great they work. Easy and with a click of a button.


enter site And as always, I have a treat for you!

For UK Only, use this code to have a £10 off when you register and on your next wash/dry cleaning/shoe repair!

(click on the picture to be redirected and happy clothes free time!). Enjoy!



Ale x



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