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Pressure on the society: Can this be the reason of Mental Health problems in children?

April 12, 2018

Got your attention? Good!

Before being a parent, every single one of us, made this (crazy) plan and set of rules that you wanted to do with your child or some things that you’re parents/or friends with kids,  did or still do,  and you didn’t want to do those mistakes…oh you’re so wrong!

No one is born being and knowing to be a parent.

Even people that has a whole legion of kids, can admit that every single pregnancy or child is different and ned different things, and different approaches.

Still some people think they can give you opinion without you asking. Wrong, really wrong, you’re the parent and you know what is best. Even if you think you “failed”, you still learn from that. It’s the trial error concept as long as no one get’s hurt.

It’s not about ranting that I am posting this post, Actually I never care about what others think, AT ALL, and I know what is best for my child.

What I have been watching is that Society created this set of rules for children and it got to a point where everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is depressive at least once in life, think about suicide once in life, and know that anxiety is a living breathing thing and can happen to any one, male, female, gender free, race, creed, age…

So society has been failing hard and still we continue to follow those rotten and decadent rules from a society that has absolutely no boundaries or morals.

Now let’s see what I have been watching and hearing for the past years, and let me know if you agree:

  • when a child reaches 3, he must be Nappy free and already using the toilet/potty
  • when a child reaches 3, he must be sleeping in a bed and not in a cot
  • children should play outside everyday and no watch tv
  • children shouldn’t have dummies/pacifiers
  • After 3 a child shouldn’t use a pram
  • if he is 3 and wears a 5 year old clothing he is too fat
  • Children should be talking perfectly by the age of 2
  • children should have rules for everything

To be honest, is all a bunch of very old bollocks!

If you read the rules that people supposed to do in society, you will end up with children that didn’t grew up to their pace, were forced to do things that probably weren’t to be done so soon for them and we will have cases of children psychologists given prescription for anxiety in children (this is very true), children depressed and anxious that will become depressed teenagers and sad adults.

Children HAVE their own time, let them be. No one will go to the Uni with nappies or with their dummies. You go to the toilet and do your things for sure, so you learned! Your child will learn as well.

About pacifiers/dummies, a simple fact: did you know the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is very low if the baby has dummy or pacifier? firstly because you can actually hear them sucking the pacifier, and then the act of suck will make them breathe.

Stop those ideas because they are ruining our youth! How many drugs to camouflage emotions and not treating the root of the problems are needed?

This is real. and It’s now, in this moment and as a parent, that I want to say to my child that he can be whatever he wants to be at his own pace. Not pushing anything that he doesn’t want to do, because it their heads it will become a “thing” they are forced to do or “Else” – this else means they won’t be accept in the society and be pointed out/making fun, by anyone. That’s bullying! Can you see the snow ball here? the cycle? And no one stops it? why?

I am a follower of Montessori education, and they are totally right!

Maria Montessori believed that children, especially under the age of six, have an innate path of psychological development. Based on her observations, Montessori believed that children who are at liberty to choose and act freely within an environment prepared according to her model would act spontaneously for optimal development.

It’s on those first 5 years that our children psyche will be prepared for their life.

You can read more about the Montessori education:

Now try and say anything negative to my child and I will unleash hell and some flying monkeys!

I am a real Wolf mum.

Have you been under these scrutinises for other people? how did you react? Let me know on the comments below!


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