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Do you Cross your legs?

May 16, 2017

Then….you shouldn’t!  This is a topic that i wanted to write about for quite some time and now is the time. Personally, I don’t cross my legs, since I started studying medicine, specially in the anatomy subject. Crossing legs have been instituted as a way of being Gracious and Chic in the society, for some centuries now. A ladylike position that shares how sexy you can be. I have seen the most ridiculously ways of people eating with the legs…

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Skincare and body care with Sweetsation

December 21, 2016

Ok Ok, I am a bit excited about this. I have been testing this brand that many of you might know, I didn’t and now I am totally converted! So let’s start with the basics. Who is Sweetsation? Natalia’s owner of Sweetsation was a pregnant and mum like any of us, that was concerned with her being above 30 and all the changes that the skin has. She started to research for good quality products, for either her or her…

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