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Sewing for Beginners – Part 1

August 14, 2018

Oh, brother… I want to be the perfect seamstress so much! My mother and my sister are perfect at it, I have friends and follow other people that show so many beautiful things… and I keep on dreaming about it. So this Part 1 shows what I have researched about how being a Beginner and what to expect, and what tools can they start obtaining to start practising – yes I will be following my own advice.   Tools to get…

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Being DIY creative ready

August 10, 2018

I love DIY. Having studied Architecture for 2 years to then change to Interior Design, and growing up in a Building family, Planning and designing is something natural. I worked with all different spaces: Big and spacious, or small in need of practical solutions. If you ask me: I love the small ones and the brainstorm they can give you for some cool ideas to make it work. I love DIY. I am not a heavy duty/making furniture person, but…

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Decor Ideas Without No Damaged Walls

July 27, 2018

Once in a while, during the year, I like to add and refresh my home decor. Because some trends fade off and the excitement fades as well, and new things appear and is just a thing I do. A bit of DIY is always good to keep our creativity awake, so I decided to pick up some new things and roll my sleeves up and do it. The problem is that sometimes to exchange wall art, nails can fall off…

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Handcrafted Light with Cable and Cotton

July 27, 2018

Everyone loves a bit of DIY and decor. Specially if it’s for your home. I got Cable and Cotton’s string of lights from their website. I chose the colours I would like in my bedroom, as I was in a need of refreshing the decor of it. On the package you can find the cases for the lights, the lights with an USB cable, I added a wall plug to be more practical (an extra), and after that is a bit…

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Personalised Gifts for Father’s Day

June 5, 2017

It’s no news, by now, that I love personalized gifts. On any occasion, even if it’s a drawing or a homemade biscuit, I like to give a little bit of my love in something I do or any original idea from me, to show how much I care and that i made an effort towards the person. This Father’s Day is no exception and I recurred to Snapfish, to help my little RJ and make some original gifts for his…

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Christmas gifts made by you

December 15, 2016

As you know, and have been following me for a some years, I LOVE to make my own christmas presents. I think making something with love is the perfect gift. I don’t believe in buying love  with money or gifts, but showing to a person that you care about them and making a pretty or yummy thing, is a way to show you have them in your heart (oh am I being too mushy? Hey it’s Christmas!). Once more I…

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How to make a Baby Personalized Birthday Outfit DIY

September 2, 2015

Almost 10 days for RJ’s Birthday, his 1st Birthday! Time passed so fast, I still can’t believe it. In my search for the perfect outfit, something that really wasn’t bought for an expensive brand at least, because parents know how much a party can be expensive! I wanted something I (and Dad) that we could remember as special and be personalized, since we are both in DIY things. Remember my post about RJ party? There was this outfit I really liked and then…

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