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Parenting: Experiences, happiness and being a Mum

How to secure teens from online dangers?

May 2, 2018
How to secure teens from online dangers? binäre optionen vs cfd Technology has introduced the cyberspace and it’s been the phenomenon that has changed the living standards of the modern generation. The invention of the smartphones and its continuous bombardment, easy access, and the social networking has impacted the human mind dangerously. Now the real-life activities have been transferred to the online world and the particular online world via the internet is not less dangerous than the real-life vulnerabilities. Today, the young generation especially young kids, tweens, and teens are the… Continue Reading

Healthy Tips

7 Reasons To Be Skin-To-Skin With Your Baby After Birth

April 30, 2018

opcje binarne forum strategie According to World Health Organization, as soon as the baby is born, newborns should have ‘skin-to-skin’ contact with the mother’s breast or abdomen for at least an hour. This method offers many benefits such as increasing the rate of breastfeeding and prolonging breastfeeding time. The skin-to-skin contact is when the baby is placed naked on the mother’s bare breast or stomach. The baby’s face, chest, abdomen, and legs are close to the mother’s bare skin without any space. The baby…

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Lifestyle: Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Jewels

Custom Dance Costume Design – The Dos and Dont’s

January 15, 2018 Dance costumes are one of the most important parts of any performance. Not only can these dance costumes instill confidence in dancers, but they make it easier to perform your best. While it’s important to have the perfect dance costume, this is sometimes easier said than done. There are a lot of dance costumes which don’t offer the same level of quality or style. The wrong style can be a distraction during performances and can take the attention away from…

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Lifestyle: Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Jewels

5 essential oils that can transform your skin

December 29, 2017 Sometimes, lotions and creams are not a very good idea if you want good skin. This is because of the fact that these creams have a lot of chemicals in them that can do harm to your skin in the long run. It is a much better idea to use essential oils because they are much more balanced and organic, thus providing you with all of the moisturizing you need without any of the chemical add-ons. Here are five of…

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Lifestyle: Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Jewels

Top ten tips for planning your wedding reception

December 28, 2017 A wedding is the most unorthodox feeling you can ever have. It is the life-changing event. After the wedding, you have to face new challenges, and you may get to an optimal state which you didn’t think of. But a wedding is an indication of positivity in a person life which helps them get in touch with their responsibilities and their critical life. It is a border between immatureness to matureness. After the wedding, you need to be highly responsible…

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