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Top 5 Jewelry Items Every Woman Should Own

April 27, 2018 A look isn’t really complete without the right jewelry, but more often than not, it is hard to decide what jewelry is absolutely necessary and what is not. To make your dilemma much easier, here is a list of the top five pieces you should own! Hoop Earrings When worn in tandem with a great outfit, these can bring out an edgy and nice look to the person. The secret here is to go for a color that matches your… Continue Reading

Lifestyle: Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Jewels

Harry Potter Jewellery with The Jewel Hut

March 27, 2018

go to site Got your eye? Then you’re not a Muggle then! Of course I am a HUGEEEE fan of Harry Potter, started to read it since 1998 and have several 1st edition from the 90’s, so yes… I am a very proud Hufflepuff with a very wizarding family, from hubby being a Slytherin and son – i think – is going for Gryffindor. Now, my face when I saw this brilliant collection at The Jewel Hut website from a brand called Alex and…

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Lifestyle: Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Jewels

Pandora going Disney Princess with a Charm

February 5, 2018

go to site I just love a good pun (intended!). I was never much of Disney Princesses. But my generation was different. I had Bambi or Dumbo and I hate it. Snow White was the only one we had and I liked her and it grabbed my attention, but nothing beats My special princess: Belle. Smart, witty, courageous and heart loving helpful that takes care even if her feelings are saying the opposite: Give to get in return. (let’s not talk about Moana….let’s talk… Continue Reading

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Pandora Rose Collection

November 24, 2017

como conocer a una mujer sin conocerla And I update you with my Pandora Collection this week, with this super cute Pandora Rose Joined Together Heart Charm. Got this Heart Charm on the Jewel Hut Website where they have an excellent collection of Pandora, specially the Pandora Rose Collection, which I think is so trendy and gorgeous. This adorable heart charm is in Rose Gold Sterling Silver, and part of the PANDORA Rose range, ideal for pairing with a PANDORA Rose or heart themed collection. The gorgeous…

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Lifestyle: Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Jewels

Winter Jewellery Trend: leaf Earrings

November 22, 2017

go Did you notice the new trend in jewellery? Anything nature related, specially leafs. After Autumn started, the leafs reminds us that mother nature is also cool to wear, and that;s why I am showing you my new ear bling. Got the Rosa Lea Silver large Leaf Earrings at the T. H. Baker jewellery shop and they look so much better in person that on the shop! Don’t be fooled by the images online, these earring are game on!    …

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