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Skincare and Makeup from September – Beauty Alert!

September 21, 2018

buy tastylia online Well, September is here, meaning that school started (or nursery in my case) meaning I will have more time to test skincare and make some new makeups trying out some goodies I have been receiving. I bring some new products that I just met and tried things I never tried before. Shall we start?   Skincare Man Polish   This was basically manufactured for men BUT nothing says anywhere that women can’t use it too. (And my male readers deserve…

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I love Subscription Boxes

Eve’s Parcel: the Subscription box for women

August 13, 2018

go to link Eve’s Parcel is a period subscription parcel company. They provide their customers with monthly essential sanitary products as well as a mix of pampering products conveniently delivered to your door. The parcels include a mix of beauty skincare and relaxation products as well as indulgent edibles and wellbeing products. Eve’s Parcels is focused on female wellbeing and health, and promote self-care, and menstrual health awareness.     The parcels are designed to cater to all woman. They 4 parcels to choose from: Sanitary Towel box – with the… Continue Reading

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Skincare and Makeup from July – Beauty Alert!

August 6, 2018 Oh, the horror of the Heatwave (speaking for myself)… Not having Air conditioning is a pain for me. Unless you don’t suffer from Hyperhidrosis like me (face and head), your makeup will be lovely…mine will be worse than a Panda in a mine shaft! Drenched in water. Hyperhidrosis is a seriously bad condition, but I will talk about it in another post. My Lovelies, here is the huge list of this July of skincare and makeup, some of the I have already… Continue Reading

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I Love: Bodycare and Giveaway!

July 18, 2018

see I actually love those 2 things, but I am speaking now about a new brand I’ve met (very happily) and I am in love with their quality and packaging. The fresh I Love Cosmetics, is a family inspired brand that creates the most lovely scents to create memories and make you feel, not only fresh and clean, but also relaxed and loved.   Today, the 18th of July, is a big day for them! They are launching a new range…

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Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

July 17, 2018 No time or patience to apply the moisturiser on your body daily? I’ve got you! I have so many products, really good ones for the body but still I have no time to have a proper body routine…and also… I am lazy! My patience right now is limited and divided in sections (what?!…I am organised after all…seriously OCD type). Until a light shine on My local Boots window (it actually did, these products were on their window with a light…

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Skincare and Makeup from May – Beauty Alert!

June 5, 2018

site de rencontre amoureux 2011 gratuit I cannot tell you how busy these last months have been and so much has happen, which I will write in the following posts. My skin has been really red. Season of allergies and Spring brings the redness and some blemish, but I can actually explain this with Chinese Medicine. In Chinese Medicine, you have meridians, that contains points (which we can use acupuncture needles, or acupressure) to treat a certain ache, disease or ameliorate a symptom. The lung is…

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Skincare and Makeup from April – Beauty Alert!

May 3, 2018

My Dears there is sooooo much I want to show you! This series of “Skincare and Makeup aka Beauty Alert!” has grown a lot on just a couple of months (hey I am not complaining…I am praising). I have so much to show you and I have been testing and trying new and known brands and having some great results and great looks. Today I am going to introduce hair products and a couple of accessories as well, because I…

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Skincare and Makeup of March

March 22, 2018

Welcome to this month of March list. Sorry for not being able to make the February list but as some of you know, i have been ill and a lot has happened and I actually couldn’t work for a week (more than that), so I am trying to keep all my deadlines ready. Winter still shows some signs, with all the snowy days we had…. can you believe we had 4 months and a half of snow in the UK…

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