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Skincare and Makeup from December

January 9, 2018

Oh December from 2017 seems so far away now and I did so many things! I have been trying some new things, even without any time but I actually work with people that if I don’t write my posts they won’t be paid (life of a PR) and I have been gaining so many friends in the social media that I try and put the effort on the things I get, even if it take s a bit longer than…

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Korean Skincare Haul

June 28, 2017

Let’s just call them K-beauty because koreans make everything look so much cooler with a K (not to be confused). Korean beauty is one of the industries in the world that really takes care of beauty as part of their cultural heritance. Korean women and men always had the fame on her beautiful skin. They are taught from early ages to take care of it (which is the right way). I “went shopping” around the internet and found a website…

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Preparing a Sensitive skin for any time of the year

June 19, 2017

I am a very white person, and after having my little RJ, my skin became even more sensitive and my eczema, even though only flares up seasonally, is more active than ever. I have seen many skin problems in my clinic experience and after working with known laboratories, some years ago, I always say to my patients, friends and family that one thing is as much important as a moisturizer in the face, when leaving the house, and that’s a…

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Transformulas: Beauty without Surgery

March 14, 2017

Oh I missed talking about skincare! I don’t wear makeup everyday, but my skincare is always on fleek! Not being smarty pants here, but it needs to be! And I am not joking! Your skin is the largest organ you have, it’s your protection, your shield and you need to take care of it. Our world, and you, is in constant change – ย and if you wear makeup and don’t take care of your skin properly, the aftermath of it…

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Skincare box by Sweetsation

January 30, 2017

Hi everyone, Valentine’s is just around the corner and what is best to combine a new video of skincare and a gift idea for the loved one or for ourselves! Sweetsation sent me this box so I could review. The box is brand new in the market and was launched just in time for Valentine’s, so make sure you get yours. The box contains 8 wonderful products, in travel size, so it’s great for me -while traveling – and if…

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