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Keeping up with your Teeth

June 12, 2018

site de rencontre ado rhone alpes Now, here is a show I want to keep seeing for the rest of my life: My Teeth healthy! Taking care of your teeth might sound expensive, but if you don’t take care of them properly and early, the cost to replace them or to try and salvage them, will be way higher than treating them on time. Believe it or not, and from real facts written, the First toothbrush or Tooth care, were made common by Egyptians, Greeks, Romand…

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Healthy Tips

Are you taking care of your teeth properly?

February 22, 2017

go And you will think: Of course I am! brush my teeth and use a bunch of things… But are you really taking care of them? Many of your dentist will know (for sure…they learn it in med school) that the normal enamel colour is a white yellowish. Why? Because you eat. Simple as that. Not that you don’t clean the teeth, but because of the acid in your stomach (needed to make digestion properly) that transforms in a “gas” that…

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