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Incredible Things Yoga and Dance Have in Common

February 11, 2019

Yoga is a practice of mind and body which dates back to 5,000 years ago in the Indian philosophy. Male and female practitioners are known as yogis and yoginis respectively. According to the American Osteopathic Association, a regular yoga routine yields a couple of physical and mental health benefits. There are various types of yoga, well known hatha, vinyasa, aerial, bikram (or hot) yoga, so you can easily choose which type is the best fit for you. Dance, on the…

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Eve’s Parcel: the Subscription box for women

August 13, 2018

Eve’s Parcel is a period subscription parcel company. They provide their customers with monthly essential sanitary products as well as a mix of pampering products conveniently delivered to your door. The parcels include a mix of beauty skincare and relaxation products as well as indulgent edibles and wellbeing products. Eve’s Parcels is focused on female wellbeing and health, and promote self-care, and menstrual health awareness.     The parcels are designed to cater to all woman. They 4 parcels to choose from: Sanitary Towel box – with the…

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