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Golden Rules for Decorating Your First Home as a Couple

November 26, 2020

Living together with the one you love is probably one of the most satisfying experiences. Sharing all the good things, together with bad ones, can create a special connection and unity that will only make you stronger as a couple. The best part of moving in together is, of course, decorating your space. This type of work is a true sign of togetherness because there’s nothing better than picking furniture and decor pieces that resonate with you both. However, sometimes…

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5 Pre-Christmas Home Improvements Every Family Should Consider

November 13, 2020

This Christmas, parties will be smaller, and the chances to meet all of your friends and family might be limited. However, we all have had a special gift this winter: time! Due to the new lockdown and ongoing social distancing measures, we can now enjoy commute-free weekdays and working from home.  So, with pubs, restaurants, and cinemas still closed, what can you enjoy on the weekends? Well, some home improvements have been waiting for a while!     Tidy Up…

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Discover The Top Reasons Your Bathroom Smells Of Sewage

November 6, 2020

The smell of sewage is distinctive and hard to eliminate once it has gone up your nose. It’s certainly a smell you’ll want to eliminate as fast as possible, especially if you have friends or loved ones visiting. After all, most people are house proud and a stinky bathroom is not the type of impression you want to make with your friends! It’s a good idea to call your local Sydney plumber and get the problem resolved as quickly as…

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Good sides of raising a family in an apartment

October 28, 2020
A woman and a baby sitting by a window.

At first glance, high-rise buildings may not project the poise and the charm as much as good, ol’ houses in the suburbs. It is nevertheless an understatement to say that there are numerous benefits to raising your family in an apartment. It’s no wonder so many people rush to live, work, and study in city centers rather than suburban areas or smaller towns – the hustle and bustle in an urban neighborhood allows you to realize your own and your…

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How to select the right paint for your new home

October 13, 2020
Paintbrushes and paint can.

If you have decided to freshen up your new home, painting is the first and obvious step. Although it may seem like an easy enough task, more often than not, it is a cause of many headaches. This is due to the strenuous road you must take to get from the bare walls to your dream home. This road comprises several different steps. If you forget to consider all the little points, you might end up in a nightmare trying…

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How to Choose the Best House Layout for Your Family

October 12, 2020

Getting to build a house from the ground up is a dream come true for many people. This approach often seems much better to future homeowners than buying a brand new premade home or a previously owned one because everything can be made according to the family’s wishes and needs. However, people tend to disregard how much time and effort goes into planning the layout of a house. Transforming their dreams into reality is frequently much more difficult that is…

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How to Transform Your Home Decor to a Luxury Decor

September 28, 2020
Luxury Decor

Either you’re a Minimalist or simply love your home full of memories, there is something 90% of people like: having their home Stylish. Either you have the budget or not, we can turn our homes with style if we use simple tips and pieces on the right place and with the perfect combination of colours and on-trend. The year of 2021 is going to be on extremes: the Blacks and Greys mixed with Neutrals/Naturals and Gold. I set up some…

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Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle This Fall

September 28, 2020
Well-organized and bright living room with cozy furniture

Fall is the ideal season for home improvement ideas, projects, renewals, and repairs. After the summer vacation, we have the energy and time to commit to some preparations for the colder days. Now is the perfect time to plan a few DIY projects and put some effort into doing them. If you opt for some bigger renovations, calling professional help might be needed. Here are some home improvement ideas to tackle this fall.   Fresh details for cozy home To…

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Hacks for Storing Seasonal Clothes

September 21, 2020
a girl in a sweater that was stored during the summertime.

Many of us look forward to the summer, so we can hit the beach in our bikinis and finally catch a tan. Others tend to wait for the colder days, so they can enjoy a hot cup of cocoa next to a fireplace while wearing their comfy sweaters. Preferences on seasons are different. Still, everybody has their favorite that they look forward to. However, nobody looks forward to packing and storing seasonal clothing. But even if you are fretting about…

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