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Why Smoking Cigarettes is So last Millenium!

October 7, 2020

There is so much information out there about smoking. Not only for younger people but also for all generations, as long as you decide to be open-minded and think about what is the best option is for you, your health, and those around you.   Disclaimer: This article IS NOT to imply that you should smoke, that you should stop smoking, etc. Those actions/Decisions are ENTIRELY your options and your prerogative. Read to be informed. Make a decision by Yourself,…

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Learning Kalari at home: Is it possible to learn an Ancient Martial Arts at home?

September 23, 2020
mother and son feet training kalari martial arts

Easy answer: yes it is! Tricky response: as everything in our life, training is the key on your new path.   More than 20 years ago, I started in the path of Martial Arts. Fascinated to see my father in Karate, I was always told at home, that a girl or boy needs a Martial Arts or any defence system. Because of some things happening, I went to Self Defence when I was 17 (best decision EVER) and then evolved…

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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Sanitary

September 18, 2020

COVID-19 has made an enormous impact in a relatively short amount of time, and with fall in full swing, cold and flu season isn’t far behind. So how can you keep your home safe and sanitary? The following 10 methods can reduce you and your family’s chances of illness.   1. Kick Off Your Shoes Scientists examined people’s shoes and discovered they contain bacteria like e-coli and others that cause illness. The transfer rate from shoes to tile was 90%…

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New Ways to Enjoy Music You May Not Have Considered

September 17, 2020

Music has the power to “soothe the soul,” according to Bob Seger, and it’s true. Anyone who’s had their day go from zero to tolerable when their favorite jam came on can testify to the healing power of music. That said, if you only rock out in the supermarket checkout lane, or you wear an old pair of beat up headphones, you aren’t getting the best experience. Here are eight ways to enjoy music that you may not have considered.…

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How to Ensure a Safe Family Reunion

September 11, 2020

If the highlight of your year is a family barbecue, you might wonder how COVID-19 will affect your festivities. After all, you’ll need to take additional precautions this year. So how can you ensure a safe family reunion in the age of the novel coronavirus? While gatherings are inherently dangerous, you can take steps to minimize the risk. The following eight tips can help you enjoy time together while reducing disease transmission.   1. Stock Up While the pandemic has…

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Safety Tips for Traveling During the COVID-19 Crisis

September 9, 2020

If you had your way, you’d stay home and self-quarantine. But circumstances demand you travel, and you need to board a plane, COVID-19 or no COVID-19. So how can you protect yourself and your family if they plan to accompany you? While traveling is a high-risk activity, there are steps you can take to minimize the danger. Take the following eight measures.   1. Improve Your Diet At least a week or so before departure — preferably earlier — start…

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These Tips will Help you to Rocket your Body Confidence Like Never before

September 7, 2020
woman smiling to a mirror

So many women are not satisfied with their body. Two out of three believe that their life would improve if they were happy with their weight, or their waistline. Science has shown that body confidence has been linked with overall happiness too. Either way, you have to remember that your body doesn’t have to change, just the way that you treat it. If you want to find out more, then simply take a look below.   Change your Focus and…

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How to Make Hydration a Habit: 6 Ideas

August 19, 2020

It’s no secret that drinking water is good for your health. By drinking more water, you can see improvements in your skin, energy levels and even your mood. But sometimes, it can be difficult to get in those recommended eight glasses of water each day. It happens — we’re human, and humans forget things. But pouring a bit of extra focus into hydration can make a world of difference in your health, and you’ll find it to be well worth…

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Fun exercises you and your kids can do together

August 18, 2020
A dad playing on the beach with his kids during a gorgeous sunset.

How often do you catch your kids in front of their computers or TVs? It is safe to say that it probably happens more often than it should. Let’s be realistic, you will not be able to separate your kids completely from such activities, but you should certainly try to make some changes. A great way to distract them from such activities is to work out with your kids. There are many fun exercises and hobbies that you can do…

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