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3 Things To Remember When Buying A Games Console For Your Kids

May 12, 2021

Gaming is more popular than ever, and it won’t be long before your kids start pestering you to buy them the latest console. Some parents are against video games because they think that it’s a distraction and a waste of time, but that’s not the case. Video games can be a great way to spend quality time with the family, and they are also good for inspiring creativity and improving cognitive development and problem-solving skills.  However, that doesn’t mean that…

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Best and Worst States to raise a family in 2021

February 17, 2021

The year 2020 has been so insecure and life-changing for many families worldwide. The global pandemic has affected almost all spheres of our lives, so now we’re moving more carefully than ever. In the same manner, family relocations in 2021 won’t be much easier for parents either. Choosing the best location to raise your family has always been difficult, but now some additional factors are added to the list. Therefore, we wanted to create a useful guide for all those…

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Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Busy Mums

February 11, 2021

Balancing a career, raising kids, and running a household are all more than enough to keep mums busy, but then along came COVID-19 and made things even more challenging. Amid trying to homeschool the kids, work, and complete the million other jobs on your to-do list, you are probably feeling a little drained. These are exceptional circumstances, and the current situation is something that nobody could have anticipated. However, there is no doubt that life right now is infinitely more…

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Overcoming Taboos In The World Of Modern Parenting

February 9, 2021

Being a new parent is always an exciting time in life, but there are nine months of pregnancy to enjoy before you get to this stage. Many people struggle when they are pregnant, with a lot of life’s simplest tasks being made much harder by the new weight on your body. There are several elements of life that are particularly difficult to get around, and parents often find that they face taboo areas when they are going through pregnancy. Overcoming…

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Being a Good Parent Despite Tough Times

January 25, 2021

Experiencing any sort of turmoil is tough on us. When we are trying to be a good parent, despite external issues for singers to the brink of insanity, it is tough. When you are trying to protect your children from external stresses you begin to neglect yourself. And when you are experiencing a tough time, and it’s proving so hard to be a good parent, what does it really take?   Talk About It to the Kids, but Do It…

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Parenting Tips: How to Deal With Difficult Teenagers

January 21, 2021

The transitional age is a difficult time for both children and their parents. The mood and behaviour of a teenager often change, he is agitated, then apathetic, then open, then withdrawn. The teen is trying to settle into the turbulent world of relationships outside the family. He needs to feel that his parents support him. If there is no acceptance and a sense of security, then the result can be aggression directed at oneself or outward. Adolescence is often called…

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The ultimate new baby checklist: Everything you need before your baby arrive

December 10, 2020
A baby wearing a brown knit cap while sleeping

New baby arrival is an exciting and life-changing experience. When preparing to welcome a tiny little human into the world, many parents wonder what’s essential and optional. When starting a family, you must be ready for the expected and the unexpected. However, you can’t buy all the baby items on the market just because they are cute. There are must-haves and nice-to-haves, so be sure to make a difference. In this ultimate new baby checklist, we’ll give you the basics.…

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How to Protect Your Children During a Divorce Process

September 10, 2020
mother and child giving hands

Many families in Australia face the problem of separation or divorce. Whatever the reasons are, this is a difficult process for everyone involved. But it is especially difficult for a child to watch how the two most important people for him diverge in different directions. Parental divorce is a watershed moment for children, especially if their subsequent lives are significantly different from their previous ones. Here is a couple of advice on how to protect your children during the divorce…

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The most important factors to consider when buying baby clothes

September 8, 2020
A baby holding a toy and smiling

Babies are such a blessing, and your little angel is the most precious gift you will ever receive. If you are expecting a baby, you probably can’t wait to start nesting and buying the first outfits for your little one. However, there is an array of clothes available for babies, and it might seem that buying baby clothes is not that easy of a task. To make this process more enjoyable as well as more productive, we’ve made a list…

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