Quit Waiting: You Can Make The World A Better Place Starting Today

Quit Waiting: You Can Make The World A Better Place Starting Today

The indisputable Ukraine’s victory in the public vote at the Eurovision 2022 contest showed that people will always stand behind those in need. We will always want to help and seek different ways of showing our support. Unfortunately, more often than not, we feel too weak to make a difference.

The truth is that every single person can build a better world. You don’t need to be a politician or have an infinite budget to spend to make the world a better place. What you need is an impactful action that will help others. Unsure where to start? Here are some ideas to fulfil your humanitarian aspirations.


Set an LGBTQ friendly coffee

Did you know that teenagers and young adults in the LGBTQ+ community are twice more at risk of depression than others? Many report feeling insecure in their environments and families. So, creating a place where they can feel at home can make a huge difference.

You can set up an LGBT-friendly coffee shop, focusing on an inviting decor and exclusive menu. You can also market your brand strategically to appeal to underrepresented audiences and let them know they are welcome in. your shop. It may not seem like much, but having a place that acts as a shelter can mean the world to them.


medic bag humanitarian help


Join an international organisation to help

You can bring your skill sets directly where they are needed with dedicated humanitarian trips. Whether you are a trained medical professional or you wish to help build safe houses and plumbing solutions in remote regions, there are many options to bring humanitarian value through your work. Many volunteer opportunities are available all around the world for those who wish to help local communities. It’s worth investigating the different programmes and enrolling to get an understanding of the situation in situ. It could provide you with an idea to deliver targeted support through charitable activities or dedicated donations.


Introduce free service hours

You’ve probably seen a lot of videos showing small US businesses helping the homeless or impoverished community. This barber, for instance, gives homeless people in LA a free haircut. Giving back to the community in one way or another make not bring your business further, but it could save someone’s life. So whether you wish to support individuals with your unsold items, such as Greggs donating their unsold food to food charities and shelters, or go the extra mile to dedicate time to serve others for free, you can make a difference in someone’s life.


Provide training to those in needs

You can reach out to your local job centre or even some of the prisons in the UK to discuss workshop offers and training. More often than not, individuals get stuck in a bad situation they can’t escape from because they lack the support to move forward. Training them and teaching them business skills can help make their profiles valuable to employers in the future. For example, something as simple as Google AdWords training could already help someone unlock a path in the marketing industry.


Helping others is in human nature. However, more often than not, we expect governments and international organisations to pave the way. In reality, everybody can make a small difference today. Perhaps, the accumulation of all our small differences will help transform the world in the future.

How to Handle The Death of a Loved One

How to Handle The Death of a Loved One

We wish that life would be a series of positive moments, but, alas, this can’t be the case. From time to time, we’ll experience something that knocks us off balance. The good times will seem very far away. At the top of this list is the sadness of losing a loved one, which is, to most people, the most stressful experience that you can go through.

While it is devastating, it’s important to remember that there are things you can do that’ll make the pain easier to manage. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the most effective methods for moving forward.


Focus On the Positives

It is easy to focus on the bad side of a person’s death. But there are other ways to look at it. For instance, you can focus on the positives. By this, we mean anything that is better than the worst-case scenario. Perhaps, for instance, their death was painless, and they were surrounded by loved ones. There’s comfort in that. More broadly, you can look at the positives of their life. Perhaps they left behind a great legacy of offspring or did a lot of good while they were on this earth. Remember those things.


Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

Grief can seem like an isolating experience, but it’s important to remember that there will, in most cases, be many other people who are going through the same things as you. If you have a family, then surround yourself with them. There’s a lot of comfort to be gained from grieving as a tribe rather than by yourself. If you don’t have people you can turn to, then look online — there will be strangers who are going through their own grieving process, and you can help each other.


Take Care of Business

It’s important to care of the logistical issues surrounding death. But this isn’t just important — it’s also beneficial. It can really help with the grieving process to organise a funeral, for instance. Get in touch with a funeral director, and begin making the arrangements. You’ll also find it helpful to organise the person’s personal belongings and to notify friends and family who don’t yet know the news. These aren’t things that you should immediately do, but when you’re ready, you’ll find that they help.


Let Yourself Feel

You’re going to be feeling a lot of intense emotions in the immediate aftermath of the death — and perhaps for a lot longer after that. While avoiding the pain can be tempting, it’s best to face it head-on. There’s no avoiding the fact that you will have this pain inside you — you can either acknowledge and gently let it go, or you can bottle it up and wait for it to come out in another way. Many people turn to coping mechanisms when they’re going through the grieving process, but they’re only ever useful on an extremely short-term basis, and maybe even then, they’re not useful. If you feel sad, then allow yourself to feel it.

Relationship Guide: Here’s How to Show Each Other You Care

Relationship Guide: Here’s How to Show Each Other You Care

Are you looking for ways to show your partner that you care? Maybe you’re not sure how they like to feel loved. Or maybe you just want some new ideas. Either way, this guide is for you! We’ll cover a range of ways to show your partner that you care, ranging from the simple to the more elaborate.

So whether you’re just starting out in your relationship or have been together for years, read our relationship guide and how to show each other you care!


Healthy Relationship 

Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for some years, you need to have a conversation with your partner and talk about how healthy is your relationship. Most relationships accommodate to the fact that people feel accepted by their partner with all their virtues and faults, and sometimes mental health can be disguised in a person, and emotions for the loved one starts to feel mundane. Talking with your loved one, having a conversation about your life, focus and undivided attention can be a surprise. Words bring feelings and sharing and understanding the people involved can remind the couple that happiness can be obtained just by expressing support and affection.


It’s the Little Things that Feel Important

Even if the couple seems unattached and independent, and even secure of themselves, every single person is prone to details. Every single human being likes to see an effort from their partners. Don’t use lack of time as a form of excuse to not be aware or express interest in the other person. That is a wrong way of sharing love and this can start a set of negative feelings: it generates stress, creates a false sense of afraid, and lack to feel safe, of not having your partner’s back.

Actions speak louder. Try to spend quality time, even if you are apart by having an exchange of texts, even if you are side by side; spend time to remember little things your partner likes – not everything needs to be bought. Write post-its, send emails, create a fun way of sharing inside jokes, even in eye contact you can share feelings with your loved one. Healthy relationships and everyday life, even through tough times, can be fun. Life can be fun when the person on your side is the one you want to make an effort to spend your life with.


Body Language Makes a Big Difference

Anything is important in a relationship. How we talk, if we listen, if we have the ability to hear, how we share affection, whether touching them or giving hands, being in the same room full of people, and watching if the other person is ok. Most people in life dream of having a healthy relationship with a person that has something to talk about, who understand your ways, and even how they know your world. Your loved one might think it’s interesting if you create signals that only the two of you know what they mean, some even find support when you express interest or give advice out of the blue when you or your partner is stressed at work or need and advice in your interests. This means that the person understands what the other is going through.

Being in a healthy relationship is having someone on your side that supports you and can reduce stress from daily life and make you feel important.


Some easy ways to show your emotions:

  • Write a weekly newsletter: some people are more prone to write than to talk. You can either buy a notebook and use it as a diary between you two. Or, if you’re nerdier, create a folder online on Google Drive and write per date.
  • Create a sounding board. Either on Youtube or on Spotify, create a playlist shared between you two and add songs that make you think of the other one, or your feelings at the moment.
  • Make air plans. Air plans are future goals or bucket lists of things you would like to do with your loved one.
  • Plan a dinner he/she will never forget. Somewhere really special, a private room, a picnic, something that makes your loved one remember something from their childhood, a happy memory. Food is the best way for two people to personally have time to listen to each other.
  • Surprise with something that the other one wanted. There are plenty of ideas of ways to show, low-budget surprises to make your loved one happy and remind them they mean the world to you.
  • Search for professional help: many relationships need a push with professional advice from a professional. Share this experience with your partner and focus on your relationship.

In conclusion

Although everyone expresses and appreciates love differently, there are some key actions that are universally appreciated. Assigning blame when a relationship goes bad is the worst and more negative way, is a lack of respect for the loved one and human beings shouldn’t be like that to each other…

We hope you’ve found our relationship guide: here’s how to show each other you care, helpful as you work to strengthen your relationship with the important people in your life.

What is your way of showing you care? Let us know in the comments!

Handy Tips for New Parents Who Feel Uncomfortable in Their Role

Handy Tips for New Parents Who Feel Uncomfortable in Their Role

Some people are born with natural parental instincts. They want to look after everyone they love and they’ll do everything to ensure the people around them feel wanted. However, other people just don’t really have those instincts. They might find it extremely hard to fit the role of being a parent, or they might feel like they just don’t belong in a parental role because it’s uncomfortable for them. So if you’re in this situation, we’ve put together some helpful tips for new parents who are just starting to fit into their new role.


Raising a child is expensive, so try to be economical

There’s no doubt that raising a child is extremely expensive. You can easily expect to pay hundreds of dollars every week for basic necessities, and you’ll end up paying even more as your child grows older. As such, it’s with being as economical as possible. Try and develop frugal habits such as making or buying food pouches, using hand-me-down furniture and baby items, and also looking at sales to pick up bulk products when possible. This will help cut down the costs of raising a child and ensure that you can save a considerable amount of money.


Don’t forget about your past self

Just because you’ve become a parent now, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely forget about your friends and family members. Being a parent is certainly a huge responsibility, but it’s not large enough that you can just forget about who you used to be. Spend time speaking with your friends, get in touch with family members, and don’t neglect who you used to be. Find opportunities to spend time with them and try to plan some quiet time with your partner.


Keep some medicine essentials for both you and your child

Whether it’s infant medicine for your child or contraception so that you and your partner can still be intimate, it’s a good idea to keep a good stock of medicine essentials so that you can spend more time at home with your child. The more well-prepared you are, the less likely you’ll be in a panic when someone in your home falls ill or needs medicine. If your child ever falls ill, then it’s worth contacting your doctor to see if they have any solutions for common baby-related issues.


Be confident in yourself and ignore all of the negative comments

Be confident in your ability to grow as a parent. Just because you’re not experienced right now, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the capacity to learn and grow your knowledge and skills. After all, there are a lot of things about parenting that are simply trial and error. Not everything that works for another baby will work for yours, so accept that you don’t know much and embrace the idea of learning as much as possible. Read lots of articles and blogs, ask others for assistance, and keep a diary of your interactions with your child, so you can find the best solution for a problem through your own experience.

Big and Small Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Big and Small Ways To Improve Your Relationship

The global pandemic, massive lifestyle changes, changes in employment, and many more unconventional situations in recent times have people reporting symptoms of stress and depression at higher levels than ever. For many people, the stress of living in modern times is even impacting their relationships.

If you and your partner have been struggling in your relationship, you’re far from alone.

The great news is that there are ways you can work to improve your relationship that can be as simple as giving your partner a great gift to making a conscious effort to reach out for help. For big and small ways you and your sweetheart can improve your relationship, read on.


Reaching Out to a Couples Therapist

To help your relationship in a big way, start by reaching out to the professionals. A Google search for relationship counseling near me to find a fantastic group like the Baltimore Therapy Group could be the best thing you and your partner do for your relationship. Couples therapists and licensed marriage and family therapists can use a number of therapeutic modalities to help you and your partner work through big and small issues alike. These trained professionals can give you the resources you need to improve your communication skills, intimacy, and relationships with extended family.

Not only can trained professionals teach you how to better communicate with your partner, but they can suggest community resources that might help your relationship as well. By attending couples therapy together, you and your partner will be sending each other the clear message that your relationship is a priority and that you both want things to get better.


Small Gifts of Appreciation

While going to couples therapy together is a great way to improve patterns and your communication styles, little gestures can go a long way, too. Consider looking up gift plants online and buying your partner a favorite plant. Include a note or card that explains how your gift could even be symbolic; that you hope your relationship will bloom. The truth is that there’s a great metaphor between a living plant and any human relationship. If you work together to take care of it, nourish it, and give it the space it needs to grow, your plant will have a fantastic chance of being fruitful.

Other small gifts could be gift cards to favorite restaurants for date nights, a favorite movie or book, or even a playlist to make your partner’s commute all the more pleasant. Simple gestures like these add up to reciprocation and both partners’ feelings seen.


Big and Small Ways To Improve Your Relationship


Quality Time and the Shared Dream

If you see a therapist for your relationship, they’ll go over the importance of mental wellness for both individuals in the relationship. During the initial sessions, they’ll encourage you and your partner to make plans, both together and on your own. By spending time apart and together, you’ll be bound to have a better relationship.

In fact, being the best version of yourself is one of the best ways you can improve your relationship. Instead of focusing only on the moments that you spend together, make sure to give your individual needs the same priority in your relationship. When two healthy people come together, it only improves the bigger picture.

At the end of the day, whether you and your partner see a couples’ counselor with years of experience in the Gottman Method to work on the shared dream or you make a new habit of helping your partner to feel appreciated through small gestures and gifts, you’ll experience an improvement in your relationship issues if you make the effort. Start with taking an honest look at your relationship issues and having a conversation with your partner about their wants and needs. Together, you can work to build a better future with more hope and compassion, as well as better intimacy.

Is Your Relationship With Dating Apps Healthy?

Is Your Relationship With Dating Apps Healthy?

Dating apps can be a great tool for finding fellow single people in your area. However, it’s important that you use dating apps in a healthy way. Just like social media, dating apps can lead to addiction or cause anxiety and depression in some people.

It’s important to realise when you are no longer using dating apps in a healthy way. Below are a few clear signs that your relationship with dating apps might be unhealthy and what you can do to fix this.


The constant rejection is getting you down

No one likes rejection. Getting rejected once can be tough. Getting rejected tens – if not hundreds – of times can be too much for some people to handle. For some people, the dating app experience can feel like this. Whether you’re constantly being ‘ghosted’, struggling to get responses, or even struggling to score matches, it can start to chip away at your self-esteem and make you feel worthless over time.

When this happens, it’s important to take a break from dating apps. In the meantime, consider what you can do to improve your dating success. Could you try using a new photo? Could you improve your bio?  Is it time for you to learn new conversation starters? Take the chance to make improvements and return with a more positive attitude (check out this guide at Lifehack.org for tips). You could find that things change (plus, new users will have joined in that time).

If you still find yourself getting nowhere, don’t despair. Dating apps aren’t for everyone, and it might be time to try a new dating approach. Alternatively, you may just need to be a bit more patient. It can take some people months to meet the right person on a dating app. Very few dating app users find instant success, and many are dealing with constant rejection like you.


Your time spent on dating apps is becoming a negative distraction

Your dating app usage could start to become unhealthy if it is consuming your life and distracting you from other important tasks. If you find yourself unable to focus on work, cancelling social plans, or going to sleep later than usual because of dating apps, consider whether it’s time you limited your usage. Like anything, dating apps can become addictive, and this could become harmful if you don’t take a break (this guide at Bustle.com lists some signs that you may be addicted).

A good solution could be to schedule a specific time each day to use dating apps. This should ideally be no more than an hour. Before and after this period, make sure to turn off notifications and avoid checking your apps. Unless a conversation is looking promising, there’s no benefit in constantly checking your phone.


You find yourself obsessing over people and overanalysing conversations

Do you find yourself obsessing over people you’ve matched with and planning out your future with them? Do you spend ages overanalyzing every conversation and all its possible meanings? This could be a sign that you’re getting a little too obsessed.

Such obsessions can increase the feeling of rejection. It’s important to not see a match as anything more than a match and to try to take conversations at face value. Wait until you get to the physical date to start taking things seriously. Once you start taking a more fun approach to dating apps, you could find that they start to become more rewarding.

Alternatively, consider whether online dating is right for you. The slow pace of online conversations can force some people to overanalyze – using a dating chatline such as these ones found at freechatlines.com could allow you to have a faster and more natural conversation that prevents you from overanalyzing things. You could even find that face-to-face dating options like speed dating are better.


You’re telling lies in order to score dates

You shouldn’t ever have to resort to lying about yourself in order to score dates. You may find that this strategy leads to success, but ultimately you’ll feel guilty about not being honest and you’ll be starting a relationship founded on lies.

It’s much healthier to be truthful and to be yourself. Avoid lying about your interests, your job or your lifestyle (and most definitely do not lie about your age!).

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