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Gadgets Galore: There Are So Many!

July 21, 2021

There are so many electronic gadgets available today! It is mind-blowing. Let’s assess some of the best.   DSLR Cameras DSLR cameras are a type of digital camera, with DSLR standing for Digital Single Lens Reflex. This type of camera directs light by using mirrors – the light from lens is directed to the viewfinder, which is a hole on the back of the camera, the one that you look through when you are taking a picture.  Now you know…

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Tech Considerations For Home Working

June 9, 2021

Is your business one of the many that is now considering making home working permanent? Over the past year, many companies and organisations have experienced the benefits. Not only can it reduce your business costs, but it can also provide your employees with a better work/life balance, without impacting productivity. But when it comes to home working, one of the major considerations for your business is technology. As your tech now needs to be portable, efficient and more secure, you’ll…

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4 Ways Technology Improves Your Business

April 14, 2021

If there is one thing that you cannot live without in your business, it’s technology. Yes, there was once a time we could go without it, but those years have passed as we’ve advanced and it’s time that your business kept up with the times, too. There is plenty of software available on the market today that will help your business to thrive, and you need to figure out what will work for your business to keep it ahead of…

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Winter Tech: The wearable fashion you need!

September 24, 2019

If you think that I am going to talk about heated blankets or hand warmers, well it’s not that. Think of the best heated socks in the market and I am actually a little excited of getting a pair of these for this winter. These aren’t your Grandpa’s electric socks! There are many cheap rechargeable heated socks on the market, that use D-cell batteries, but none can come close to the quality or performance of these Austrian designed and European Alps tested rechargeable…

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Is a Video Doorbell worth it? Security Check ✅

April 12, 2019

And before you start reading: Yes, it is worth it! The market lately has been filled up with doorbells with a camera, wifi and in which your mobile, through an App, can show you who is ringing, who is on your door or windows (either the person rings or not), or simply to check out the kids in the backyard or the pets. You can talk through it, and many of them are connected to an alarm system in which…

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Escape Persistent Email Clutter with Unroll Me

February 22, 2019

You have probably experienced an obnoxiously cluttered email inbox. Such an unwieldy digital thing can slow personal efficiency and cause bad moods. Unroll Me is a useful tool that helps users release clutter from their inboxes.   How to Use Unroll Me for a Clean Inbox Available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, Unroll.Me identifies all of your email account’s newsletter subscriptions. It then lets you sort them as quickly as you would paper mail. In a nod to…

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Tips For Mature Students

October 29, 2018

There is no age limit regarding when you can and cannot go to university. No matter whether you are 25 or 55-years-old, you have the option of doing a university degree. However, there is no denying that the experience can feel a little bit different if you are older. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, though! There are lots of benefits associated with being a mature student, as you will discover in further detail in this post. We are…

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Smart Home: How to manage your Energy

October 24, 2018

I love Smart Homes! It makes you think about the futuristic homes, when in fact the Future is here, alive and everyone wants a piece of it. My parents home, back in the end of the 90’s, was one of the first smart homes where we used to live, and it costed a fortune to install, worse than that was the problems that it brought with a lot of energy bills appearing and increasing every month. But here is a…

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The Best Things To Do With Your Social Media

October 22, 2018

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut over your content that is! Social media is one of the biggest assets a person can have to their name, whether they’re running a personal account or they’ve got a business they need to advertise. Your social media is the perfect snapshot of your world, and a lot of the time, it’s what people will use to judge what kind of person you are. And whilst that can be an unfortunate reality, it’s…

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