#DairyPromise Campaign in the UK and Competition!

This might be a controversy for some people but I will clarify my point of view.

Drinking milk is not one of the things I do (Lactose-intolerant) but when it’s talking about Dairy products as cheese and yogurts… Then things got serious! And yummy!

One thing is not liking or can’t have it for allergy reasons, other thing is this Campaign in Britain called #DairyPromise.

This is a campaign for equal rights, for people that work hard in an industry that lives in Britain for centuries and is part of our cultural heritage.

Happy Cow is the consequence of a Happy Farm

What is the #DairyPromise

 Imagine that you are a farmer. 
You work really hard (have you ever tried a day as a farmer?), you have to work all the days of the week, rain or sun, sick or not, since it’s your job and your farm. No work, no bread in the table, no money for you and your family. You get paid for what you produce and sell in fairs, or some local supermarkets, with that money you try to buy more food for animals, more seeds, probably more resources in machinery or people to work for you and help… To grow! Which is everyone’s goal in life!
Suddenly there comes a Huge fabric with loads of money to spend on, and steals your sells… What do you do?

This is what’s happening in Britain! 
Since there is a huge seller with low cost (low prices equal to low quality in products), you are forced to low the prices too, to try and earn anything from your produce.
This is not fair for the farmer!

Unfortunately this is happening all over the world.

And instead of helping the little farmers and buy good cheese, and since the whole world is in crisis, we have the tendency to buy the cheapest thing sometimes because we only have a couple of pounds in our pockets…

One of the things that get me on my nerves is some people think that this campaign is only to gain more money and they post pictures of dead animals (strangely most of these people tend to say they are against cruelty but post pictures of animals without fur or very gory pictures…strange or cynical?).

This is only a campaign for making people see what is happening with a lot of farmers in our country.

The campaign for truth.

One of the Things that you can start doing is, when buying Dairy, look for the back of the packet or carton, and check for the Red Tractor. 
This logo supports the little farmers and you will be helping them.
Look for the Red Tractor logo to support our farmers

Other thing you can do is go to your local farm and buy directly their products. spend a day with your family since most of this farms will let you go inside and see and feed the animals. It’s an awesome day to go with your kids!

You can read more about this campaign below

Did you know you can win an overnight stay in a farm? for you and 3 family members or friends? How cool and relaxing is to help and to enjoy it?

Please register online to #DairyPromise Campaign and help Britain get up on his feet and be true to our loyal farmers.

Cheerio and #DairyPromise