Drawers and baby clothes – DIY scented bags

During the end of pregnancy, is normal to prepare everything for your LO to arrive, and that includes washing those tiny clothes that we wish so hard be filled in with our newborn baby.

I started washing my baby clothes when I was in the middle of my 7th month, since I always thought he would be here sooner (that HUGE belly), and I thought:

But what about if the clothes would smell badly because I was washing them sooner?

I wanted to make some bags to put in the drawers and then filled them in with scented…something…But what??

I searched online about the cons of it and everyone told the same:
As long as the scented bag is not in contact with the babies clothes, there is no problem.

In my local market, there is a lady who makes scented soaps, potpourri, bath salts, etc.

I bought some bath salts with a mild and “clean” scent, to fill the bags.

Check the photo to see all the steps in my scented bags.

  1. You’ll need scissor, fabric in the colour of your choice, ribbon on the colour of your choice, sewing thread, bath salt.
  2. Cut a rectangle of the fabric, fold it in half
  3. Fill it with the bath salts
  4. Fold and get all the sides of the fabric so the bath salts can be in a little pouch, then tie it with the sewing thread, really close (wed on’t want the bath salt to get out of the pouch and stain any clothes.
  5. Cut the ribbon and tie it around the pouch.

I divided the drawers with some of the IKEA divisors like these

Then put the tiny scent bags on the lateral of the drawers, so the bags wouldn’t touch the clothes.

It smelled wonderful and clean.