Dry Like Me – Potty Training and Giveaway!

Oh the Potty training!

The all time favorites of Parents (not!)…

I think parents like me, parents for the 1st time, think the same questions like me:

  • When is the right time to start Potty Training?
  • How should I introduce it to my child?
  • Should I put him a nappy or dress him an underwear?

So in my researches I found this brand called Dry Like Me, a very innovative and award wining method for Potty training.

I asked them some questions and what I got was a very quick response and a lot of support.


5 Steps to successful potty training


What are Dry Like Me Pads


How they work in the pants

They come with a bag to bring the pads on the go

Who are Dry Like Me:

Dry Like Me potty training pads were developed by busy working Mums Jude and Di who know that the key to successful potty training is in helping your child to learn their bodily cues to go to the toilet so that when they do have those little accidents, they start to understand and react to what’s happening.

Dry Like Me are available to buy online in 3 varieties for every step of your potty training journey.

Different types of Pads for different steps


I loved the Dry Like Me and will start to use their system of Potty training and start with the Dry Like Me Early Pads.

But Now is your chance to know the Dry Like Me Potty Training.
You can win a whole Bundle of Dry Like Me Potty training including: 
  • The whole range of the Dry Like Me Pads (Early Days, Original and Night time)
  • The Dry Like Me book of Potty training 
  • A Rewards Chart 

All with a value of £25!!
(click in the pic below to be redirected to the Giveaway page)

Thank you to Dry Like Me Help

Cheerio #SayNoToNappies

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