Gluten Free Products Review

I don’t have intolerance to gluten or Coeliac disease (at least I haven’t made the test exactly) just a severe intolerance to lactose, but I bake several times and specially if I go to a party with kids, with gluten free flour and in my house we try to have a healthy diet (I said try!).

But! In case you don’t know, there is lactose in pasta and in bread, so when you see Gluten Free products (most of them) don’t have lactose – milk and dairies.

There is this myth that Gluten free products don’t taste good. It’s a Myth! 
The Glutafin products are excellent and taste the same and are super healthy and accessible to our pockets (nowadays is very important that factor as well).

In later posts I will bake things and post the recipes with these ingredients so you can try, so stay tuned.

Note for those living in the UK with the Coeliac disease:
You can get an exemption card so you can buy your specific food with a lot of discount!

I received this beautiful box from Glutafin (UK) with the following products:

Oh Goodie!!!

How to order directly and if you have an exemption card you get products for £2 minimum
Check Glutafin website