HaloBands: Protect your head in Style

Did you know that women have 68% more concussions than men in sports?
It applies to our little ones as well.
But HaloGear with their HaloBands are here and they are rocking everywhere in the Social Media… Specially outside of it!

Let’s check them out.

Yes girls/women are know for being so stubborn (as if men aren’t as well…) but that’s not why in a recent study, they found out 68% of the concussion are from the female side.

Ice Skating, Football (soccer in the US), swimming, Basketball, Volleyball and so on, are some of those sports that you don’t wear an helmet.

When I was in swimming competition, sometimes you are so fast than at any time you will go towards the wall. I never broke any bone in all the crazy sports I had made but I had some friends in the swimming team that did.

Now as a mum I think about it… a lot!

I met the HaloGear company, very nice and professional, and they know what I am concerned about and they have a very safe way of protecting us (adults) as well as our teens and kids.

The HaloBand is a Helmet type of headband, that protects your head.
It’s Waterproof (good for surfing, swimming and other water sports).
They aren’t bulky. They adjust to almost every head size and you only have to adjust them once. From then on, they remain your perfect fit.

The HaloBand padding is thin and light. By wearing a great HaloBand headband, you get soft padding from some sports shocks and impacts. It’s a hidden benefit to an already great looking headband.
they have lots of new designs for padded sports headbands. 
Guys seem to prefer solid black and some girls stack 2 HaloBands one above the other on their head to cover more surface area, but the normal preference is just wearing one. 
They are thin headbands, around 3/4 inch or 21mm and about 7mm (1/4″) deep. Super soft!

The standard piece is the Black HaloBand (which mostly men prefer) but girls can apply bandanas, sleevies or skinnies.

Guys prefer the Black


Skinny: You can wear one or multiple (see below)

Skinny: several skinnies in the HaloBand


HaloGear says about HaloBands: 

HaloBand headbands are like iPhone cases for your head. A little padding for you. A lot of dress-up for your image.
HaloBands are wonderfully soft, thin, lightweight, great-looking headbands to personalize your game. Super-grippy to handle your extreme sports action.”

They have a lot of options to “pimp” your HaloBand, check their website

Do you have a HaloBand? Let me see it! Tag me (@artmum) and @HaloSafety in Twitter so we can see you wearing HaloBand and giving ideas and what type of sport do you use your HaloBand.

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Thank you to HaloGear
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased