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The Hub from Premier Inn in Kings Cross

For a big or short stay, the Hub was a surprise in a good sense for me.

Not always I get the chance to work and stay in London for work.

As a mum, my urge is to always come back home, at least in time to put my little RJ in bed and kiss him goodnight, but sometimes and for certains events or works in London, I need to stay the night in London and return the following day after all my work is done.

On one of those times, I’ve stayed, for the 1st time I must say, in the Hub from the Premier Inn hotel chain.

Premier Inn created a selection of the so called “Hubs”.

Basically the Hub’s by Premier Inn, is a new compact hotel chain designed to offer a smart, stylish, great value stay in the best city centre locations.

The compact rooms are cleverly designed to give you everything you’d expect from a Premier Inn room in about half the space. Mind you that half the space, may or may not be at half the price.

Mine wasn’t since I had to book it 3 or 4 days before, so the price would be risen for that fact.

When I say compact or half space, it doesn’t mean a hole with a bunk bed.

The room was actually spacious and everything was thought for the person feel and sleep well, with the minimal requirements such as tv, smart lights, wall plugs with USB (so either you’re like me and only travel with power banks and usb’s and no wall chargers… you’re safe).

The whole space was designed minimalistically and I have to give a huge thumbs up for the designer/architect that designed it as it was great.

The space can be small but very practical, and those spaces can be limited without having physical limitations.

The entrance of the room is where you can find a bottle opener, a place to put your bag in the wall.

The bedroom area in which has a very large and comfortable king bed with all the smart plugs and touch screen for the lights, in which one wall has a map of London and in front of the bed has the Tv.

The working area in which has the chair and the wall table.

and the bathroom fully fitted with all you need (shampoo included).

Don’t think that you will find great views. It’s still a hub, and all the spaces are meant to accommodate people and therefore some of the rooms don’t actually have a panoramic view.

Situated in the heart of the city, Kings Cross is a huge connection for most of the country and many people commute there or to Euston (which is 10 minutes wall or 2 minutes by tube) and the Hub is really well situated.

You decide you want to see a musical in London? This Hub will do the trick in your stay. with or without kids, this will probably be one of those London hotels i will think first.

My room was an “accessible” one so the rooms can be used by people with wheelchairs or any other motor/visual impairment, and the bathroom is fully fitted with what you need.

Fun detail: What divides the bathroom to the bed area is a thick wall of glass, making the room practical and see through.

You can find a rack for your clothing behind the mirror and a in-wall table near the chair, in which you can work in your laptop because you have wall chargers as well.

Your room card key is the key to everything.

You cannot enter the lift without it, or even enter for the room zone (before the lifts) without using the card.

You can opt for the breakfast. You pay extra £5 for your breakfast, which is not bad at all and the price is good and have all the things fro breakfast, fresh bread and pastries and coffee or tea, and many more things.

I have to say that is was a good breakfast.

I have stayed in more expensive hotels with a rubbish breakfast, and the Hub was really a good one.

Checking In and out is easy. Checking In is through the reception computers, that you can do it on your own, or ask the nice receptionists to help you. For the check out just go to the reception desk and give your card and that’s it.

Another thing is the noise.

You are in the heart of the city. Thousands commute during the day or night in one of the busiest places of London. there are buses and taxis, shops on the street. You know what? Absolutely no noise can be heard from the room. Perfect in it’s own little way.


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Thank you to The Hub from Premier Inn at Kings Cross for having me.