Myths and Facts in Pregnancy – really??

There are those that have easy pregnancies, others so so and then there are the “poor girl” types. 

I was the so so.
Youtube was one of my best friends to search videos about everything (plus books and Google), and there was one day that I saw this video, presented by a doctor about positions that a pregnant woman could sleep (which was really bad for me the whole pregnancy) plus myths and facts. 

About sleeping, she didnt said nothing new, but now about the myths and facts…my jaw dropped so low, that I think that the scratch in the basement was about that time. A definitive WTH! 

I think (and underline Think) that could be myths in her country (nothing against this lady or the culture, ok?)!

So let’s check the video and post your opinion:

A big thank you to this lady and a big LOL. 😉


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