Posting your Children Photos in Social Network

This is a controversial topic and that’s why I would like your opinions and why.

Nowadays, everyone (probably 80% of people in the evolved countries) has an internet connection.
With that, most of us have connections with friends or family through email, Skype and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Weebo, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

Trough my contacts, I decided to make use of Lists, so I can posts things for “Friends” and others lists such as family where I can include pictures of me and my family or even photos of my baby. Saying Photos of my baby is not very accurate, I should say: A foot, the feet, a hand, and NEVER his face.
To share with my family or friends, I use a closed/secret group or through private message.

Why?” you ask?

Well because unfortunately, there really exists monsters, they are not under your bed or closet, they are online and they are called Pedophiles.

I think people don’t realize when I say this, and think i’m a bit paranoid, but can you imagine yourself in that situation? We always think it only happen far away from us or will never happen with us. 
For those parents who suffered the loss of their children because of the monsters, for them…it only happened with others as well.

In my accounts, specially Facebook, some people asked me: Why you say that? Why don’t you post online photos so we can all see? Don’t you trust who you have in Facebook delete them or simply don’t accept people you don’t know!

Those rules are all correct, but what people don’t realize is that: It’s not that I don’t trust them. I know each of them (I made a cleaning of so called friends recently), but have you ever heard that:

For Every person that you know, there are between us, 4 persons that connect us?
I explain: when you go to a party with a friend, and they introduce you to someone you don’t know. That same person will have someone in their friendships that knows you back.
And on those 4 persons, normally with a friendly face, is a pedophile or linked to one. Scary isn’t it?

I have friends that post (even in Public) private videos and photos of their family. Everything very pretty, very clean and they can even put their location…
For me is insane, for them not so insane.

But it’s not only because of the “monsters”.
I read a good psychological article today: kids are being blackmailed by their parents, on posting photos of them not so pretty, online.
Yes, this is true.

Maybe is just my paranoid because of being a new mum and love my baby so much, maybe is just excess of precaution. Maybe is my lack of faith in this world we are leaving on or probably the news are ever so dramatic.
Maybe my sense of happiness is protecting what I love must which is my family and specially my baby.

What do you think? If you post photos, why do you do it and to whom?


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