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Balanced Beauty: Can Nature Replace Your Routine?

June 4, 2020

It’s very common to find people looking to live a more natural life, nowadays. The modern world is packed to the brim with products that are made in labs using strong chemicals, and while these don’t always present a problem, it can make sense that people want to take an approach based on nature. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the most common beauty products in your routine, giving you options to replace…

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Eve’s Parcel: the Subscription box for women

August 13, 2018

Eve’s Parcel is a period subscription parcel company. They provide their customers with monthly essential sanitary products as well as a mix of pampering products conveniently delivered to your door. The parcels include a mix of beauty skincare and relaxation products as well as indulgent edibles and wellbeing products. Eve’s Parcels is focused on female wellbeing and health, and promote self-care, and menstrual health awareness.     The parcels are designed to cater to all woman. They 4 parcels to choose from: Sanitary Towel box – with the…

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Skincare and Makeup from July – Beauty Alert!

August 6, 2018

Oh, the horror of the Heatwave (speaking for myself)… Not having Air conditioning is a pain for me. Unless you don’t suffer from Hyperhidrosis like me (face and head), your makeup will be lovely…mine will be worse than a Panda in a mine shaft! Drenched in water. Hyperhidrosis is a seriously bad condition, but I will talk about it in another post. My Lovelies, here is the huge list of this July of skincare and makeup, some of the I have already…

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I Love: Bodycare and Giveaway!

July 18, 2018

I actually love those 2 things, but I am speaking now about a new brand I’ve met (very happily) and I am in love with their quality and packaging. The fresh I Love Cosmetics, is a family inspired brand that creates the most lovely scents to create memories and make you feel, not only fresh and clean, but also relaxed and loved.   Today, the 18th of July, is a big day for them! They are launching a new range…

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