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Travel Tips: Getting the MOT done for your trip

July 28, 2019

When I travel in the UK, I always take my car. It’s easier for us to visit a bunch of things, plus we have little Richie on the back and can bring a bunch of things with us. While out and about in one of our travels, in West Yorkshire to be precise, our Car decided to go “rogue” and started to make some funny noises while turning on some lights… Yep, MOT was due as well. So we decided,…

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Try These Schemes To Save Money On A New Car

October 25, 2018

Has it come that time again when you really feel as if you require an upgrade? Cars even from just a decade ago, are too outdated for some drivers. It’s understandable as cars from 2008 don’t have the features modern cars do such as inbuilt satellite navigation, cruise control, climate control, some don’t even have ABS brakes to name a few things. Modern car manufacturers are beset with the challenge of creating the whole package when it comes to the…

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Most Gorgeous Luxury Cars Of 2018

September 7, 2018

Luxury comes in many forms. It can be as simple as a long bath filled with the finest bath salts, creams and bombs or it can be as opulent as a sparkling diamond necklace by Cartier. While you can’t buy class, there’s no denying that a little sprinkling of luxury in our lives can make us feel a whole lot classier. Life is short and we all seem to be working harder than ever for longer than ever. Why shouldn’t…

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9 Aspects to look into before planning a road trip

August 16, 2018

Either you’re a beginner or a Pro on road trips, either you go with the flow and not planning anything, or being a maniac like me and plan every step ahead (because I can’t deal with uncertainty… OCD me remember?), everyone needs some things checked and done before going on a road trip. Unless you’re Thelma and Louise… in that case you just need Brad.   Check your Car     The car is the most important part of your road trip.…

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Used Cars: Are they worth it?

July 19, 2018

Actually they are! Since I had my driving license, I had brand new cars. Fresh and with that new scent, all lovely till I get them out of the car stand and their value would reduce to a third of what I had bought them, like 5 minutes ago. Don’t think that having a brand new car means that you have warranty or that everything will be smooth and no problems! By all means…Erm… no! I had a very bad…

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Head Over Wheels: Signs You’re A Little Too Obsessed About Cars

May 8, 2018

Car lovers unite! If any of the following signs are true to you, then you may be a little more obsessed about motors than the average car owner. You needn’t be ashamed, although if you have ever considered marrying your car, a little bit of counselling may be in order. Signs You’re A True Car Obsessive While your wardrobe is sparse, your car is dressed to the nines with the latest decals and high-tech accessories. Comparing your Tesco and Halfords…

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Beaulieu National Motor Museum – Part 1 (video)

May 4, 2018

What a nice day it was! As a family of car lovers, we couldn’t let the opportunity of visiting the Beaulieu motor museum and spend the day there, as a family. An splendid space containing gardens, picnic space, an Abbey and a palace, a Kids zone and a delicious restaurant, plus the fact of having one of the largest collection of cars and be the home of Top Gear’s cars, it definitely wort the trip with your family. The car…

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Quarterre Design Review Geneva Motorshow

April 18, 2018

Of the European Motor shows, Geneva is often the most interesting. Neutral territory for all the big players, it has neither the bombast of Frankfurt nor the dependence of Paris on two lone national players. It is also, perhaps fittingly given the wealth of its host city, the playground of the exotics.  Geneva can be relied on for a new hypercar with top-trump-winning power output and top speed, regardless of whether there exists anywhere in the world a public road…

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Testing Portable Tyre Inflators

February 2, 2018

Now here is a new thing to test and try… and Learn! We wanted for our cars one of these inflators, but why not test them out and try 2 of them? Both of them are and do exactly the same thing, from car tyres, to bikes, to inflates, kiddy pools, etc. No more going to the gas station and inflate your tyre.   Check more for the Black and Gold Superpow Portable Tyre Inflator Check more for the Camo Superpow…

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