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How the Right Lighting Can Make Your Home Appear Luxurious

July 21, 2020

You can have the prettiest house on the block but unless it is well lit after dark both from the inside and the outside, all your effort will go to waste. There are various factors you need to account for when setting up the lighting in your house, from the total budget to the style and function of each lamp. Only then will you be able to create a light show that will make your home appear luxurious.   Measure…

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Downsizing your home with family – how to make it work?

July 17, 2020
downsizing your home with family can be a tiring task

By Sally Norton   Downsizing can be such a frustrating process, especially if you are downsizing your home with family. If you have three kids and a pet or two, downsizing from a three-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home may sound impossible. However, it is totally doable. Plus, many families became stronger and much closer after downsizing. That said, deciding what to keep and take with you to a new home, and what has to go is a daunting task.…

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Quick Decor Tips using Furniture Deals

June 19, 2020

There is this need of mine to, from time to time, to modify my house. A little tweak here, a little change on the disposition of things, colours, add this, remove that. I think the majority of people think like that. I am always looking online (especially right now being at home), and spending so much time at home makes you want to change. And nothing is better, and thank goodness for online shops newsletters, to open an email with…

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How to Improve your Kitchen with some DIY

May 14, 2020

Kitchen is simply one of the most expensive places to refurbish when it comes to Home Improvements. You need to have a plan or have someone to make your plan (costing money), then selecting the cabinets within your budget (which never happens as the costs go overboard easily) and then selecting appliances, details, lights etc. Many of us love to have a kitchen suitable for good family quality time but sometimes the budget is not available, especially around this time…

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Starting a Home Improvement Project? Here Are 6 Safety Tips You Need to Know

April 23, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   If you’re about to begin a home renovation, you’re probably excited to get started – and you should look forward to your improvements. That said, your health matters most. Far too often, people endure injuries from seemingly simple tasks. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you’re prepared to take on projects securely. Here are six safety tips to consider as you work.   1. Wear Protective Gear     It’s crucial to wear protective gear…

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How to spruce up your living space without leaving the house

April 15, 2020

By Ron Wolf   If you’re living in the state of lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, (or perhaps you’ve been sentenced to serving your prison sentence at home or something) and you can’t leave your house, being in the same place all the time can have negative consequences on your psyche. So, to prevent either yourself or the members of your family who may be growing more impatient about the current state of affairs by the minute from breaking…

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Cute Easter Home Decorations Ideas for 2020

April 9, 2020

By Stella Ryne   We can all probably agree that Christmas decorations are the most over the top when it comes to holiday decorations, but Easter decorations are definitely the cutest. With all the beautiful spring flowers, pastel colours and the cute Easter Bunny, you can’t deny the fact that Easter is just adorable. Unfortunately, during this hard time, most of us will stay at home with the family and some will even be alone. But that doesn’t mean that…

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5 Fun Additions to Your Home (You May Not Have Considered)

April 9, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   Not every renovation has to make an enormous difference to your home. Instead, you can have a little fun and add a few features that make your daily life more enjoyable. As a bonus, these ideas aren’t super expensive, either – and that’s definitely a win-win. Take a look at a few tips and tricks you can use to transform your house into a home.   1. A Rain Shower Head A rain shower head can…

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Clever ways to keep your house warmer in the winter

January 20, 2020
Woman thinking about clever ways to keep your house warmer in the winter

By Sally Norton   If you live in a place where you can experience real winter, or where it’s cold during at least a few months of the year, you probably switch your heating on somewhere around October and just keep it on until it gets warm enough to turn it off. However, as you probably already know, that is far from perfect when it comes to energy consumption. In fact, over 70 percent of your household energy goes on…

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