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8 Need-to-Know Tips for Aspiring Small Business Owners

June 19, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   During these uncertain times, the ultimate security blanket may involve starting a business for yourself. Millions find themselves out of work, and others lose sleep over the possibility of their present position evaporating. In every crisis, there is a kernel of opportunity. Kudos to you for choosing to take charge of your future. However, if you have never run a business before, you might have many questions. You might not know where to find the money…

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6 Things to Consider When Starting Your Business

June 11, 2020

By Emma Williams   Starting your own business from scratch is never an easy endeavour. It doesn’t matter how good of an idea you have or how much education and experience in the field you have as there is never a guarantee that your company will succeed. However, going on this entrepreneurial journey can be very fulfilling and it’s not something you should decide against just because it might be difficult. To help you out, we’ve made a list of…

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A Guide to Selling Jewelry: 7 Things You Should Know

May 19, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   Maybe you’re one of the millions of Americans facing economic hardship due to COVID-19. Maybe you received an inheritance full of items you’ll never wear. The bottom line — you have jewelry you want to sell. Doing your research before listing your item can result in more money in your pocket. It can also help you identify scams and protect your heirlooms from unscrupulous folks. Treat your endeavor like a business, and you’ll make wiser decisions.…

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Planning to Invest in 2020? Consider These 9 Strategies

February 28, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   Are you looking to invest for the first time in 2020? If so, you likely have many questions. You’ve probably heard of stocks and bonds, but the markets today offer a host of options to explore. The best investment strategy for you depends on your financial situation and goals. However, it pays to know all of your options. The following nine investment vehicles offer various ways to achieve your dreams.   1. Real Estate Investment Trusts…

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How To Close Your Business

February 22, 2020

Although no one likes to think about it, sometimes you have to know how to close your business correctly. There could be many reasons that your business needs to close, from personal reasons to business issues. There is no shame in knowing when you have to close your business. Where do you start, though?   Decisions You have to be sure that you are making the right decisions. It should be the right thing for you personally. If it is…

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Shaquille O’Neal Is Perfectly Matched With Papa John’s Pizza

July 11, 2019

Shaq O’Neal is going to be the new spokesperson for Papa John’s Pizza. For many fans of the pizza and basketball star, this is a match made in heaven. Mr. O’Neal will be an active participant in the pizzeria business because he will be sitting on the board of directors. Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, and no doubt, he will be spending time in the boardroom with Shaq. It would be interesting to hear the conversations that…

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Your Luxury Clothing Items Can Actually Be an Investment When you Consign with The RealReal

December 13, 2018

When you think about buying clothing, you might think about spending money. You might assume that you will never see the money that you spend on your clothing items again. When you buy luxury clothing, this can be an even bigger deal because of the higher price tags. However, clothing can actually be considered an investment, particularly when you’re buying luxury clothing items.     Make an Investment in Clothing You Can Wear in the Long-Term For one thing, luxury…

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Top places for British Expats in the US

November 16, 2018

Moving to the USA isn’t unfamiliar to British people. They’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. However, the top places for British expats in the US are constantly changing. So, check out the most popular locations in the States where you can relocate as a British national.   What the Brits are looking for in the USA So, why are people from Britain moving to the States in greater numbers? What are they looking for and what do they…

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Investing in Real Estate in NYC: What You Need to Know

October 31, 2018

The down and dirty of investing in NYC real estate circles around getting the funds to start. Many real estate investors have never purchased an investment property. In regions like New York City, it is more than challenging to get proper backing to start investing, even with good credit and reasonable savings.   Hard Money     Hard money lenders NYC refers to private lenders that offer short-term loans specifically for investing. Hard money loans are prevalent among investors who…

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