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Tips for finding a family-friendly apartment

August 3, 2020
A family preparing a breakfast

Finding the right apartment can be difficult, but if you have a family and need to think about your kids’ needs, things become even trickier. Finding a family-friendly apartment can take some time because you have to find an ideal neighborhood for raising children. When you finally find the perfect apartment for you and your loved ones, the effort will be worth it. To help you in your search, we are giving you a few tips for finding a family-friendly…

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Summer Decluttering Projects

July 27, 2020
View of a decluttered and cleaned living room area.

By Sally Norton   Summer has arrived. Even though you might have completed your spring cleaning and decluttering on time, there are still a few things you need to do to maintain your house in tip-top shape. Living in an organized and clutter-free space will help you feel happier and more relaxed. Make use of your lazy summer days and complete some quick decluttering projects that will help you achieve that peace and happiness.   Where to begin Before you…

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Downsizing your home with family – how to make it work?

July 17, 2020
downsizing your home with family can be a tiring task

By Sally Norton   Downsizing can be such a frustrating process, especially if you are downsizing your home with family. If you have three kids and a pet or two, downsizing from a three-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home may sound impossible. However, it is totally doable. Plus, many families became stronger and much closer after downsizing. That said, deciding what to keep and take with you to a new home, and what has to go is a daunting task.…

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Keeping kids entertained during lockdown

April 27, 2020
Mom wearing a face mask and playing with her son on a sofa

By Sally Norton   The global epidemic has us all locked down for our own safety and the wellbeing of the ones we love the most. If there is anything good about this situation, it is the fact that now we finally have enough time to spend with our families and do some things that we have been planning for so long. But even though family time is bliss, keeping kids entertained during lockdown can be a bit of a…

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DIY packing guides for Busy Parents

April 20, 2020
Suitcases full of clothes

By Sally Norton   Busy parents have so much going on in their minds at the moment. The global pandemic has us all reconsidering our life choices. We became aware of the small things that we used to take for granted. Now that we are spending all of our time at home, we are starting to appreciate our previous freedom to go outside whenever we wanted. A lot of things changed with coronavirus. Many people have decided to move to…

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Moving during the coronavirus pandemic – how to keep everyone safe

March 27, 2020
pills and syringes coronavirus covid-19

By Sally Norton   Most of the world is in a state of lockdown right now. Basically everyone is cooped up in their homes to avoid spreading the coronavirus. This is obviously disruptive to our daily routines, but some things we simply cannot postpone, even in times like these. And despite how it sounds, moving during the coronavirus pandemic is indeed one of those things. The fact that the moving industry remains one of the very few that’s still working…

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A Guide on How to Find a Real State Agent

March 11, 2020
A real estate agent in a suit doing thumbs up. It's hard to find a real estate agent that's good.

By Sally Norton In todays’ fast-paced world, we don’t really have the time and energy needed to devote to every single thing we’re tending to. Having said this, we’re lucky to have people that can do these things for us. What’s more, they’ll most probably do it better than we ever could. This is because it’s become somewhat of a routine for them, and they’re much more experienced in the matter. Finding a home that’s going to suit all your…

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Moving abroad – best ways to adjust to a new culture

February 7, 2020
Backpack and traveler sitting near rails

By Sally Norton   Moving abroad is thrilling, intriguing and overwhelming, but at the same time exhausting and just plain scary. Even though it can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life, the first few weeks in a new country can be very frustrating and challenging. During this time, you will go through culture shock, which you can’t avoid no matter how many books you read or how much research you do. The initial excitement and willingness…

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How to Move to a New Place… Painlessly!

January 23, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   Moving day can be a massive headache, but it doesn’t have to result in broken china and shattered relationships. If you’re about to move, you can take steps to prepare, to reduce the work and soften the experience. Getting an early start is one of the best ways to avoid last-minute mishaps. To begin, establish a systematic process. You’ll overwhelm yourself if you try to tackle everything at once. By following a methodical approach, you’ll be…

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