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Best Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home

May 18, 2020

By Ron Wolf   Home security is essential for every homeowner out there. However, as crooks start to use smart technology to gain access to your home, so should you up security measures. In fact, a balanced combo of old-school security methods such as window bars and app-operated alarm systems should be enough to deter a home invasion.     Use a code instead of a key Keeping the spare set of keys under the doormat is so 1950s. Ironically,…

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Travel Tips: Getting the MOT done for your trip

July 28, 2019

When I travel in the UK, I always take my car. It’s easier for us to visit a bunch of things, plus we have little Richie on the back and can bring a bunch of things with us. While out and about in one of our travels, in West Yorkshire to be precise, our Car decided to go “rogue” and started to make some funny noises while turning on some lights… Yep, MOT was due as well. So we decided,…

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