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Summer Jobs That Look Great on College Applications

July 15, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   Many school counselors, advisors, and other well meaning adults try to push the frankly presumptuous assumption that every teen should — and can — spend their summer taking college classes, doing academic work, or attending camps and programs for their favorite subject of study. You probably know this already, but some teens have to work, and what’s more, some teens want to work! So many suggestions of summer activities that boost college applications cost money rather…

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Summer Vacay BOOKED: Here’s What You Need To Do Next

February 22, 2020
map passport camera laptop macbookpro glasses girl pointing

The easiest thing to remember about going on vacation is booking a hotel and your flight. You know that you need to pack your case and get your maps out for the car if you plan to hire one. There are so many exciting things to remember about counting down until your vacation. You’ll be booking an appointment to get your hair done and your nails painted. You’ll be ticking the days off your calendar for your pre-vacation shopping trip…

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Getting your Garden Ready for Summer

May 22, 2019
copper fire rim garden decor

Ah Summer! Meaning Garden time, BBQ’s, sun time in those chairs and getting a tan. But after this windy winter, is your garden ready? Here are a couple of things a Summer garden needs:   BBQ     The king of Summer! I was raised as having family over the weekend and having a good ol’ BBQ while chatting and spending the day around table and food. You have BBQ’s to any pocket and fitting anywhere, round or square, to…

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