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Wonderfully Wicked: New Disney Villains Beauty

October 2, 2019

Are you Halloween ready? What about those special Christmas gifts getting ready or at least getting some ideas for it? Alejandra got you in the right direction! Mad Beauty team has done it again & created beautifully designed additions to their ‘Never Too Old’ adult Disney range with the cruelly fabulous Villains. It’s about time these wicked beauties have received the recognition they deserve. And let me tell you that the quality and the pigments are from superb quality, non-fade…

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Fashion Inspo for March

March 3, 2019

We are in between the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. Unless you’re in the UK as I am, which we had a week of full sunny days, and now we returned to cold, rain and back to take some of the jumpers out of the wardrobe. And per se, I brought to you some looks and a trendy jacket that you will absolutely love! Trendy prints and bold colours are back, with a twist of comfiness and the…

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Fashion Inspo for February

February 20, 2019

Who doesn’t like Fashion Inspo? Either for daily life, work or not, or for a party or even for the gym! This February (and why not March) is all about cozyness, Colour Block and that lovely trendy colour: Lime and grey. Lime to bring those tans outs and the grey for a cute-chic style, pair up with blue jeans or as a dress/jumper dress.   Here are my picks for this month:   Lime Ribbed Dress Look oh so sleek in…

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5 Essential Holidays Party Wear

December 14, 2018

The Holiday season is upon us, and the cold weather is making us go to the attic and pick up the garments from last year. But I don’t know about you, I always like to have some new trendy pieces from the actual season to go to the parties from the office and friends meetings. I gathered some of those to show you what’s trending in the shops and at an affordable price, which is always nice for our wallets since…

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Men Fashion Trend for 2019

November 13, 2018

Besides of writing about Fashion here on Alejandra’s Life, I do love to see the Men Fashion. First and foremost I have 2 men at home and I like my men to be trendy and fashionable and top clean appearance. And besides working for some Women clothing and having the best PRs working with me and exchanging Ideas, Now was the time to work with some men fashion brands.   The Trend for women this 2019 is shiny and bold, bringing…

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Big Cosmetic Trends for 2019

November 12, 2018

Big holidays are ahead of us, so if you’re thinking of stocking new purchases under the Christmas tree, you might be interested in what the main trends for the next season are! How else would you know what exactly to order from your friends and family, or what to buy for yourself? And yes, of course, we agree you deserve a present from yourself! Maybe even two. Read on to find out what the big cosmetic trends for 2019 were…

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Plus Size Fashion arrives at JD Williams – Fashion Alert!

February 14, 2018

Yes it did! JD Williams now has a beautiful Plus Size Collection, from several known brands. And YES Plus size people like to go to the gym! Either for toning the body or help them mentally or socially, Plus size Do like to go to the gym. Period! This is the 21st century and we are all in favour of peace and against bullying of any type, so get over with it! … and grow up! Nowadays several brands like…

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How Beauty Products Become Bestsellers In The Digital Age

December 15, 2017

The days of billboard advertisements and commercial TV spots has come and gone. Now, all eyes are on the digital space, and this is completely changing the way consumers learn about new products and purchase them. Now, beauty bestsellers can be found on our iPhone screens and Instagram feeds. We’re more likely to check the reviews before purchasing than ever before, and our shopping process has changed in ways that are hard to even realize. How did these changes take…

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