The Luck Uglies: Dishonour Among Thieves – Review and Competition

Published in March 2015, Dishonour Among Thieves is the latest installment in
the Luck Uglies Trilogy from celebrated children’s author, Paul Durham. 

Reenter the mysterious world of Village Drowning with Rye and her fellow cohorts as she battles to save those she loves from the real monsters. How will Rye overcome these challenges when all the odds are stacked against her?

As the second story in the celebrated Luck Uglies series, the book follows the adventures of eleven-year-old Ryley O’Chanter as she gets caught in a dangerous feud between her father, Harmless, and a menacing masked man who goes by the name of Slinister Varlet.
Add to the mix an unforgiving son, a mystical curse, and a band of sinister thieves and you’ve got yourself another suspense-filled story from Durham!

Paul Durham

Praise for Paul Durham:

The Luck Uglies has it all: a feisty heroine, monstrous creatures, and a brim-full of humour and horror, to keep the readers turning the pages’, Joseph Delaney, author of The Spook’s Apprentice series.

Made me stay up too late reading because I was so gripped… impossible to put down! Overall a great read and would definitely recommend this book to anyone, it’s that good!’, Joel 12.

Everything I look for in a book’, Cai, age 11

My Review:
Paul Durham will definitely be one of the authors that I will start to check now.
Even if you think these books are only entitled for pre-teens or teens, fear not since I am a Mom that loves Harry Potter, and these Lucky Uglies are already in my bed side table.

Many Thanks to Paul Durham and Harper Collins for these beautiful books!


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