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Starting to See the Bottom of your Account? Why Calculating is so Important on your Finances

July 20, 2020

Talking how this year of 2020 has affected everyone financially, familiarly, and not forgetting working places and jobs furlough or even companies ending the contracts, this year has open some minds and eyes to what was wrong and to what was missing, plus how we economically should have a bit of money on the side.

Many people don’t have a good job or had previously, which lead them to live day by day on the present (I’ve been there), which led them to not having backup money during this pandemic, and they probably are leaving their homes and goodness knows how they subside (hopefully with the help of family and friends, or government helps), but many don’t have help.

Resetting this, in the next future, we can start controlling a bit our finances by making some adjustments on our own, and see where we can tight the “belt” a bit and think about the future.


Your Net Worth

Ever heard that phrase that says know your worth? And it’s not L’Oreal’s. Know your total worth of you and your life. Pick up your money on your accounts, those coins missed on your sofa or pockets, see what your car and place is worth and gather your art and jewellery (call them an investment, remember nothing is worthy to buy like proper Gold), put them all down on a Net Worth Calculator and get an idea of what you really have.



Savings Goal

Nothing is more stimulant that wanting something (normally expensive) and work to get the money to it. For example, you want a new pair of Jimmy Choos or a Birkin Bag, or even you want to get away to the Maldives fully inclusive. Or should I say: Have enough entry to buy your own home.

Check your Savings Goal Calculator and see how much can you save per month and start working towards what you deserve. After all, we all want something that can make an impact on our life.


College and Education Funds

Every parent thinks about this once their kid is born. Us as parents want to offer our kids what we had or better, or even things we wanted but unfortunately our parents couldn’t afford to give us. But, and I speak of myself, College is a very important thing to think as colleges are expensive.

You can turn into an Education Saving Calculator and check how much you can add to the College saving account you have to your child and see what and during how long you can pay or help them pay. The College fund is not only the years in college tuition, is also a help on where your kids can live (if the college they want to get in is away on the other county) and also a bit so they can have proper meals and clothing, books, etc.



Electricity or Water 

Right? Right??? Every time we think we are spending too much electricity or water, we reduce consumptions and then comes the bill and says: “Bud…there is no escape from me”.  Obviously the first thing I can say is that you should try and buy A (or upper A+++) appliances to reduce your bill. But sometimes those appliances are more expensive. It’s a matter of choosing your way.

Turn on the Appliances Operating Costs and see for yourself how much you can save, calculating the Kwh vs the last bill, even calculates the watts on each appliance.



Quit Smoking or Set Goals to Stop some Addictions

I honestly don’t know how people still smoke in the 21st century. With so much information, so many reports, and proof of what it can do to yourself and to others around you, there are still people who smoke.

Did you know that if you smoke a pack per day, in 10 years you would have spent more than 20K? Now reverse it and if you quit, and still put that money on the side plus a clean health bill, you will have more than 20K on your account! (and no internal damage…plus clean teeth and breath!). Don’t believe me? Check for yourself with a Smoking Costs Calculator (yes it exists).


Check out calculators online that can help your budget, and Pigly is definitely worth checking as they have several types of calculators and a lot of financial help on their website.

What is your goal now?



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