4 Good Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog

4 Good Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog

Humans need exercise, and so do dogs. It may be time for you to consider going out and getting some exercise alongside your favorite pet. Here are four good exercises you can do with your dog so you both can stay healthy and active.


One exercise that you can do with your dog is jogging. This activity will help them eliminate some excess energy, while both of you maintain your weight and improve your cardiovascular system. It will also allow the master and pet to build endurance.

If a day comes along, however, where you find you’re too tired to go for a jog with your dog, you might want to take them in for a stay with a doggy daycare provider. They should get in plenty of running that will make them relaxed for the rest of the day.


Another good exercise you can do with your dog is swimming. Although this may depend on your dog’s comfort with the water, it can also help their cardiovascular health while taking weight off their joints.

If you take your dog swimming in a pool, bring water from them to drink so that they do not swallow the chlorinated water. If they drink too much, they may experience irritation that can hurt their esophagus.


Believe it or not, doing yoga with your dog is possible. Known as “Doga,” this type of yoga can also be very calming to your dog while helping them improve their range of motion and flexibility. You will also enjoy the benefit of bonding with your dog as you do poses together, and they learn that they can trust you.

Playing Frisbee

You and your dog can also experience fitness benefits as you play a game of frisbee together. You will improve your cardiovascular health as you run and throw the frisbee for your favorite animal, while they will burn off energy and get exercise as they run and fetch it. They will also improve their motor coordination while enhancing their understanding of you.

These exercises provide great opportunities to stay active and have fun with your dog. In these situations, you may find that your dog is your best friend and a great workout buddy.

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