Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Collection

Haircare brand Herbal Essences has announced the launch of its bio:renew collection.

Combining the power of nature and science, the shampoos and conditioners contain histidine, sea kelp and aloe to help remove the build-up of free radicals and revive dull, lifeless hair after every wash.

The new range is made up of seven collections designed to deliver specific benefits like hydration, repair, volume and shine, including: White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner, Cucumber and Green Tea Shampoo and Conditioner and Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner.

As part as a SuperSavvyMe Blogger I got the chance to try 3 of them, the ones that would benefit my type of hair: Dry, straight and lacking of basically anything.


I stopped coloring my hair for about 9 months now, so the hair can regain its originally color and be healthy. A little like a reset on your hair.

So if you colour your hair for long like years), you will notice that your roots will actually become darker than your natural hair colour is. Why is that? Easy. Because of the chemicals and the daily like products that we eat and pollution, your hair will become darker and darker (unless of course you have grey hair by now). Your hair will no longer recognize your natural root color.

Your body does a bunch of other amazing and strange things, but this will be a subject for other posts.

These were the shampoos and conditioners I got to test.

My 2 pence about me and Herbal Essences:

I never liked Herbal essences products. Like never. But (and I am being pretty honest here and unbiased) I become a fan of them. At least for the Bio renew.

Oh my goodness! The smell is incredible – but I wasn’t impressed at first. What I was looking for was of hydration and softness. a flowy hair… And you will actually achieve that with these shampoos!

The smell will last in the hair for far too much that I thought it would be, which is a great thing and the softness is amazing.

A tip for the conditioner, specially for mine, is to use only from the middle of the hair to the ends, never on the roots, otherwise the hair will be oily too fast. The fact that I can have flowy and bouncy hair, light and smelling fresh is such a plus side They are literally a 5 star (out of 5) excellent product.

Have you tried them? Which one would you love to try or already use?

Thank you Herbal Essences and Supersavvyme UK.


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