Taking a Page from Celebrities’ Books

Nowadays, celebrities live their lives in the public eye.

No matter what they do, chances are it will be caught on camera and reported on. The difference is that in the past this could be a relatively prolonged process, as we’d have to wait for the information to be put out in print.

Nowadays, thanks to the dramatic improvement in communication and technology, reporting on celebs’ lives is pretty much instantaneous. The moment anyone of note does anything it will be sprawled across online newsrooms and social media feeds.

This, of course, means that we can often learn a lot of lessons on how not to live our lives, as we see meltdowns, witness inappropriate behaviour, and watch as countless individuals are admitted to attend rehab. However, there are positives.

Being able to see what celebrities are up to can allow us to take a more positive page from their books too! Here are just a few areas you might want to focus on.




Audrey Hepburn


Social media in particular now allows us to see celebrity style on a more casual basis. Rather than simply seeing stars attending big events, we can see how they fashion themselves on a more day to day basis.

You can start incorporating their statement pieces into our wardrobes, whether these items happen to be loungewear, swimwear, or even Celebrity engagement ring trends. The good news is that many celebs now team up with high street brands, promoting their products through their page.

So, if you see a celebrity wearing something that you like, chances are that there will be a link available that will lead you directly to the product’s vendor or a page where you can make a purchase. There will, of course, be certain items that catch your eye that may fall outside of your personal price bracket.

But you can always work to find cheaper alternatives that will provide you with a similar style.



Hard Work



Being able to see what celebrities are up to can open our eyes to how hardworking many of these individuals are.

No matter what their career holds, they tend to be open to new opportunities to boost their exposure and earn money. Let’s look at their social media feeds once again. Chances are that every celeb is posting endorsements, recommending products, or launching their own branded products and merchandise.

We should aim to mimic this work ethic, always looking out for opportunities to earn a little extra cash and establish a name for ourselves too, and getting tips on how to make money fast in our pockets and maybe set up new goals in life.


These are just two areas where we could take a leaf out of our favourite celebrities’ books. Doing so could significantly improve our own quality of life!

So, start focusing on your own style and worth ethic, as well as keeping an eye out for other aspects of celebs’ lives that you could attempt to incorporate into your own!



Images from Pixabay

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